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Posted by ClassX
My baby boy..
Travel the lands of many untold secrets
Nothing in place is to be hidden
But all that is found holds a gloriousness
The future breathes it's gold dust
Sparkling like the bright stars watching above
Each step bringing priceless values
The past resting anxious ready to catch you
For all of us will fall behind at times
But the hopeful road forward is crystal clear
The sun pours warmth into your soul
Flowing through your body like boiling blood
The cold becoming no longer common
Dont look to the sky, you've already passed
Endless oportunities are now seen
Doors are unlocked to live only imagined dreams
Where the darkness rests with light
And where the night shares the day
You are that special boy to sit above the others
Sit on your throne of story book beauty
You are my..
Man on the moon..

Posted by ClassX
sleepin eh.. replied to a few othas.. up..


Posted by ClassX
zzz? no relpied yet :\

Posted by rule
this was a good piece, short but well detailed you had some good imergy i liked it well writtin keep it up

if ye got time...peep my weathers art...pz

Posted by Tourniquet
This was beautiful. Had a real old time bedtime story feel to it. I love how you have opened with the line, My Baby Boy.. it really drew me in even in its simplicity. There is just something so endearing about those words.. Maybe because I think of my son when I read them, for me personally..

Your vocab was great, some vivid imagery there. It read smoothly and effortlessly off the page.. Beautiful write.

ish was short...but i liked it alot...the imagery was very nice...i got an awesome image while reading...it flowed well with the way it was written...keep it up...STAY UP