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Posted by filed
yeah got a tad bored on day and this is what came to mind

Everything slows down
Yet thereís still nothing?
It must speed up, right?
Is nothing part of everything?
Or itís just a nothing?
Like everything is everything.
Or could everything,
Be part of nothing?
But it is something, right?
So waitÖÖ.
Now everything and nothing,
They are something,
Well really,
They are a bunch of some things,
I thinkÖ?
Let me think more about this now.
Everything is all things,
Or all relevant things.
Is nothing a thing?
Is it even relevant?
It could be in one way,
But not in another?
Nothing is no thing,
Not anything at all.
Not anything of importance,
Or interest.
So if itís no thing,
Then itís not an everything,
Or a something,
Not anything at all?
But if itís nothing at all,
Then why is there a word for it?
Coz thereís always something.
Plus there are things with no importance,
Those are still something,
They are still a thing.
Like a person,
Or better a dust particle,
What importance does that have?
Yet itís still not nothing.
Iím lost!


Posted by rule
This was good had a lot of good emotion and some nice word play, a lot of description i thought good work

Posted by FanTa ZeE
wow, confusing flied girl..lmao..but a good drop with an origional subject..concept ROCKS!

Posted by Eki
He He very original. And Confusing. Its like your saying the same thing over and over again , without it getting annoying. Good work.

Posted by lil_roxy
HEAD BLAGGIN! im lost tooo but im sure it makes senze in ur mine, i do that too take somthing and work out every part of it. nice peice proper mind work. keep it up.
peace ~roX~

Posted by The Necromancer
All I can really say is... you've been inside my head when I walk home from school. Seriously, I used to think of scheiŖe like this all the time. Except I never was able to actually think as far as you did. I think I'd've stopped at the "Then itís not an everything" line and just gone off thinking about what I'd do if I had a prehensile tail.

I would do so much if I had a prehensile tail.

Oh... and I think 'nothing' conceptually speaking, is in fact a part of 'everything' in a matter of speaking since everything is in fact, all things including nothing which is in fact a thing, but that thing being the lack of things.

Got it? Good, cause I don't.