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Posted by lil_roxy
most people know who they are, and as its a new year think of what youve become- what weve acheived of our selves and so on. so if you feel like it when you reply write your own lil peice about who you think you are........this is who i see ...>

Who are You?
I am a misfit was born as mistake, Iím that last unwanted slice of cake/
Iím that girl who was once quiet, but now feeds on loudness and riots/
Iím a cloud pilot in no way ready to land, scared to face reality obsessed wit her dreamland/
A girl who plans her destiny and future, but cant remember her plans then they pass her/
In that crazy girl behind the laid back complex, who wants to share her intellect but then forgets/
That girl who has too much to say so she writes it down, emotionless never kicks arguments to the ground/
Iím a attempted peace keeper ready to rule the world, who becomes attach to every boy and girl/
Iím that red rash you try to cure then ignore, that annoying dust you just brush under the door/
that girl who has a phobia of relationships I never wanna grow up, the school muck up who gets drunk and doesnít give a fuck/
Iím that bird who is too late for the worm, Iím a patient person who can wait her turn/

I maybe be a rapper maybe a poet, I maybe a genius I just donít know it/
I maybe that puzzle piece thatís missing, that peoples person who gets everyone to listen/
I maybe will become a person smothered in wealth, WHO AM I to ask if I donít know my self/
But I have a conclusion, Iím gonna change thatís my new years revolution/

I am me, the person I dreaded to be.

Posted by rule
This was pretty good, your flow and rhyme scheme fell off at points but you had some good multies and explinations, some wise choices of wordplay i think you did a good job on this but it could be fixed a little.

Good Work.

If ye got time drop some feed back on my stuff thanks.


Posted by lil_roxy
aight cheers fo tha reply much love, anyone else wanna reply??