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Posted by Daven Motion
before about 2 days ago it was a crew vs crew forum where other crews would battle other crews and the records would be saved on a ranking.
but now ive decided its 4 members forming a temporally crew (so if your not in a crew but have 3 friends you may enter with any name you wish) if 8 members are entering sepratly say from Wits end they could call them self Wits End A & Wits End B or if they wished could make a name temporally for this tourney for this it will be topical,text & audio morely text & topical.. after a while there will be a tourney for the best for something like the lll but thats not till quite some time it will be member vs member represnting your crew.. & you will be battling different crews remember its points not 5-0 record

- anything that needs to be added il edit later.
also if you want to replace a members in another week just pm and il make the change.

- Key Point
You do not have to be in a crew to join this, you have to have 4 members as a temporally crew for this tourney with a name....period. so dont ask me any of this it wont work shit, cos thanks to aisle5 and a couple other kids for that idea it will.