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Posted by Enrage
Before I begin this, for some reason, I feel like I have to explain myself. I wrote this piece when a friend of mine that died. But it's not just about that.....when he died, I just got to thinking about life in general, and I found myself getting angry at all the people that complain so much about their lives, that commit suicide, all that.....and I'm not really mad at them, I just see it as a selfish thing. There's too many things out there to experience and too much to see for us to just live in a shell or throw it away.
I even made this poem into a song with another friend, and it'll be on the album of my band. Well, I'm rambling, so....

I saw you just the other day,
I can't believe how things have changed,
And they can't ever be the same.
Just keep on runnin' Forrest.
Keep on singing to the chorus and floor it,
Or leave it to the others that came before us.
We've told so many lies,
And we've heard so many cries,
But they've gone unanswered, lost in the tide,
I find myself asking why,
Why do I even try?
I just wanna get high and leave this all behind.

Now, realize, we've all gone through pain,
We are all one and the same,
There's no blame.
Life is only a game we play.
You knew the stakes when you rolled the dice,
Even if it don't suffice,
Realize, it'll all be o.k.
There's not much more left to say,
Just don't throw it all away,
You could say,
This was not your time to fade away.
No, it's not your time to fade away.
So just stay.

Posted by !ll~L!teRatE
Awsome once again with the feeling in thier peice. i liked the way you used only a single rhyme scheme for each stanza, and it helped develop an unique flow, but i think that one more stanza would have finished it off nicley.