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Posted by Cinderella
Abercrombie & Bitch

Face all painted up like a little Barbie doll
Clothes fitted perfectly, skirt short, boots tall
Shimmery blonde hair, brushed to shine
But behind green eyes she hides pain over time

As she strides by, her expensive perfume lingers
The world is at the tip of her manicured fingers
Isn't she lucky? She's the hottest for sure
But on the inside she just can't smile to allure

She's got fame, fortune, boys and fast cars
Everyone loves her, but she's hiding scars
She can barely go out without making a scene
She's tired of her face on every magazine

But has this angel really earned her wings?
She IS NOT perfection, she's done bad things
This so called "superstar" hasn't earned her own
All she does is bitch to the Rolling Stone

What exactly does she have to complain about?
That Luis Vuttion purse she simply couldn't live without?
She has never seen failure, she always gets her way
I would like to see her last on the street for a day

She acts like the whole world shouldn't know her business
Stop parading around in your underwear, princess!
I guess money cannot buy happiness, which is an unscratchable itch
She isn't so innocent, she's been exposed as a bitch

Posted by rule
This Was A Good Piece, I Really Enjoyed The First Four Stanzas Over The Last One Because You Had A Good Sence Of Style In The Emotion Along With Creativity In A Simple Rhyme. It Was Amusing To Kind Of Listen To A Story Told About Behind The Scene Emotions Of A Star. Very Neat. Well Done.

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And Well Done.


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Posted by self
^She's My girlfriend, she's exempt, :p.

I loved the sheer sarcasm of the title itself, and then the whole poem, you touch my heart, in sooooo many ways. Hmm, maybe that's why I love you? :p

Posted by Dr.Gonzo
Lots of emotion in this

i liked it the flow was nice

nice drop


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