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Posted by MindKontrol
what could I think of to inspire my emotions
bland objects of my mind span
congregate my blind awareness without motion
by standin still searchin my heart sure that my spiritual eyes can
peep something deep
trying to keep a picture focused with the brain of an average man
suspended in the depths of my brain
livin authenic
but in an artificial mental land scape
without method
half seeing my own spirit at work as I write
I journey 2 darkness and insight
reaching out until I find why
slide the confusion aside
won't subsitute or improvise
my astral vision for an actual sky
riding on a trail of word that spark mighty
with pharoah golden hands I lead
but I must part these mental ses's like job pointing brightly
I examplify it all
my mind goes crazy
lost it
my heart to see this unknown form of territory
black as land green as the sky
and press forward 2 the unknown mystery
for mastery of my misery

Posted by L.A.STR~E~TZ
i got nuthin to say till u remove ure pic from the poem, stop doin that!!! it bothers me so bad!!!!

Posted by MindKontrol
d*mn, cool... If what you said applied 2 my last poems then you should of told me then nigga... but its cool... I'll do it 4 ya. Reply 2 this one and I won't add my picture 2 the next aight? cool?