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Posted by Feeble Minded
league will be run effeciently this time. First battles will be up next Monday. Sign in here. No temporary crews. u must have a real crew to sign up.

There is no limit to how many people you can sign up. Rankings will be done by win percentage. the fewest u can sign up is 4 however.

Posted by Mr.Christensen
Acro Nim
The Realist - Topical
Speek.E.Z. -Topical
Mindtrap - Text/Topical
MeNTiLL - Topical
whitelightning - Topical
Emerge - Text/Topical

Will edit if I get more

Posted by .:K:.


will edit if alterations.................pz

Posted by pimp
im more i'll...thurrs enough said i dont need a crew i can do it myself

Posted by Mystery~murdera

Mystery~Murdera - Topical/text
Evolve - text
Sureal - topical/text
Auspicious - topical

Posted by ~HoTTie~
Wits End

Wise Ways
Verbal Kent

Posted by Lethargic
Lethargic = Topical/Battle

Posted by Mean_Rapper
I would really like to get into some battles and be put in a leauge, and get into the action need a clip of my rapping here you go "You make me sick, so does your moms 1 mm dick, shit, your some gay ass with no class , no dick, and no chicks.. u wna reply to me, just go get a knive stab ur self and leave u to die.. im sure ill say bye.. take the advise and shove it up ur ass or ur heart. because your nothing but a aimed dart that got shot.. heres the plot.. stfu be ur mommaz, she can use some little girls drama.. Man u think ur all u can be , eat some wheaties. please.. do what i say , or u'll have to pay!

Posted by Mean_Rapper
^-^ Ansour:P

Posted by Feeble Minded
*shakes head*

Posted by SweetNess
I'm A Dumbass That Doesn't Know What The Fuck To Do So THe Pooch Edited Me

Posted by Da_Killa_Kid
That Is HIlarious shit yo. wrong place though

Posted by Yu Bin SunD
yo feeb wats wrong wit the roster pagE?? i can't open 1 up so can u do it homie

Posted by FuE-xIoN
Originally Posted by SweetNess
This muthafucker talks all this shit and thinks i wont find out,
He says this and that bullshit but never acts when hes called out,
Muthafucker actin all hard like a brick,
Better watch out or i will make him suck his own dick,
nigga i'm like the fuckin police knockin down your door,
you son-of-a-bitch i'm going to make your mom get on the floor,
and act like my fuckin whore.

Thats not to anyone in this room thats just to This one nigga i know that just straght bugs the fuck out of me.

....You Should Be Banned For Posting That Pile Of Shit In Here...

Posted by Thrust
Soft Focus:

Thrust(topical/ text)

^all topicals

edit if more

Posted by Aisle Phive
Walter Wall
Aisle 5
Feeble Minded
Horud Skys

All of us are topical and text. ;)

Posted by T-Nice
Illsquad-T-nice and concepz

Posted by Yu Bin SunD
^^ Wtf Are U Talkin About U Need More Heads Son And ok...Aisle=Deja Vu Name?

Posted by Aisle Phive
Originally Posted by Yu Bin SunD
^^ Wtf Are U Talkin About U Need More Heads Son And ok...Aisle=Deja Vu Name?

Word, we're Deja Vu mother fucker.

Posted by Yu Bin SunD
De JA VUUUUUU ...................Ok In

Posted by Mr.Christensen
Add to my roster:
Diverse - Topical

Posted by bigmarc
Warchilds We In

Posted by Yu Bin SunD
^^ Drop The Names Son

Posted by WHYT RAPPA
Idiots Like Me Make White People Look Stupid... I Promise I'll Go To Bitchslapped Next Time...How Can U Blame Me I'm Just a Faggot

Posted by LyRiKaL03
i'm a Faggot That Doesn't Know Shit Next TIme I'll Go To Bitchslapped To Setup A Battle :help: