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Posted by Feeble Minded
Rankings will work by win percentage.. the number of battles your crew has won divided by how many it has been in. Whichever crew has the highest win percentage will be ranked first. Example: Crew A has had 10 battles total. They won 8 of those. Their win ratio is 4 to 5, they win 80 % of the time. Crew B has had 10 battles. They won 9 of those. Their win ratio is 9 to 10, their win percentage is 90%... Crew B is ranking higher than team A.

Crews & Ranks:

Acro Nim (1/1 pts.)100%
The Realist - Topical
Speek.E.Z. -Topical
Mindtrap - Text/Topical
MeNTiLL - Topical
whitelightning - Topical(1)
Emerge - Text/Topical
Diverse - Topical

Instant (1/1 pts.)50%

Eclipse (-1/-1 pts.)0%
Mystery~Murdera - Topical/text
Evolve - Text
Sureal - Topical
Auspicious - Topical(-1)

Wits End (1/1 pts.)66.6%
Wise Ways(1)
Verbal Kent

Soft Focus (-1/-1 pts.)0%
Thrust - topical/ text
deacon - topical
rule - topical
key-low - topical
sarcasm - topical(-1)

Deja Vu (0/0 pts.)0%
Walter Wall - topical/text
Aisle 5 - topical/text
Feeble Minded - topical/text
Horud Skys - topical/text

Posted by inspire
What about 2 out of 3.. and 20 out of 30? Wouldn't it be the same?

Posted by Feeble Minded
Yes .. it is the same .. but no two teams will end up with the same ranking and if they do it wont matter because itll change the next week...

Posted by Mr.Christensen
I say just do points...

and add
Diverse - Topical
to my roster

Posted by Sureal
i edited me to just topical, cuz thats what i orignally signed up as.
someone fucked up.

Posted by Feeble Minded
Wasn't me. I don't do fuck ups. lol.
realist, no. We are doing win percentage.