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Posted by Feeble Minded
topic: Gone with the wind
read rules.
verses due friday.
check in by wednesday .
post a verse whether or not u think theyll show.

Posted by whitelightning
Checkin in..

Posted by whitelightning
Sit Back Lookin At The Days Go Passing By
Wishin Some Days That I Could Take Off 'n' Fly
Had Enough Of These Days With Bullies And Hate
It's Nothing New, It's Nothing To Debate
My Mind Is Paralysed, My Esteem Destroyed
You Should Be Happy At Your Succesful Ploy
It's Driven Me Too The Edge, My Soul Is Scared
You Picked On Me, Mine As Well Be A Wheelchaired Retard
* Grabs The Razor Blade*
I Don't Understand Why This Delightful Process Isn't Quickening
I Wanna Finish The Job Before My Blood Starts Thickening
Fuck! Forgot To Write The Crucial Suicide Note
They Will Never Understand Why I Choose This Boat
This Wouldn't Have Happend If Those Kids Just Shut The Fuck Up
Is It Such An Ego Booster For You Assholes To Act So Tough?
Nigga, What If I Fought Back And Showed You No Mercy
Forget It Man, Ain't Gunna Waste My Time, You Ain't Worthy
I Chose The Easy Way Out, Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned
For I Exit This Eternal Hell, I'm Gone With The Wind

*edit for speeling*

Posted by Lethargic
V - Lightning...you had some tough comp...but barely pulled it out.

Posted by Emerge

Posted by Feeble Minded
v -white. closed