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Posted by Feeble Minded
check in by wednesday
verses due friday
if u think ur opponent wont show, drop ne way or if they do u lose...
come dope, help ur crew dont hurt them...

Posted by Lethargic
We meet again. How many lines?

Heh, I'm facing 2 of the best people on this site in the same week. Should be fun.

Posted by Evolve
So am I. 12-14 i guess. This sucks man, i got Feeb's in the Championship too. O well.

Posted by Lethargic
Son of a bitch, forgot all about this. I don't even have 10 mins...so, if it's not up to par...my bad, but I've got to leave soon..so..

It's bad timing, and I hate to do this...well, here's what I'm saying
I've gotta hurry this shit up....so let's not keep your future waiting
Pencil Pusher, feelin the pressure? Put under my finger you might just snap
And damn, I guess George was right...Cos every Stanza you type is wack
Wtf was that...shit you put up in the LLL? You know, right before you folded..
We back to the basics and gimmics?...with your played concepts and punches bolded
Wait a minute, hold it.....just gimme a clue, where have your skills gone kid?
Searchin for a shred of evidence to your dopeness..but I can't put my thumb on it
Uuh you suck...why do I keep drawin battles with this dumb sluts..
Correction bud..
You were setup against Feebs and I, but you didn't GET either of us..
Believe it you fuck....Cuz you can't defend against they way I'm attackin you now
Eclipse? I hit 'Volve so hard his whole crew's been blackin out..
A pimp on the prowl...
Pickin up bitches left and right........better believe I'll hurl him
"12-14 I guess"......That's the age range of your girlfriends..

Bleh gotta go..pz!

Posted by Lethargic
DOh! 'Volve, you should have not no shown on that verse^

lol. Bleh.

Posted by Feeble Minded
it was a good verse leth. v/ leth

Posted by Lethargic
Well, it was extremely rushed, lol. Oh well, I wonder why he no showed.

Posted by Emerge
lethargic won...it was rather good for a noshow lol...
but work on your structure...unless it was cuz you
rushed it then nm and im stupid :)

Posted by Avenge
Vote leth
due to no show...
nice drop anyhow!

Posted by Feeble Minded