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-- Physik vs. Fue-Xion
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Posted by Feeble Minded
check in by wednesday
verses due friday
if u think ur opponent wont show, drop ne way or if they do u lose...
come dope, help ur crew dont hurt them...

Posted by Dustin Dubree
checking in

Posted by FuE-xIoN
You Will Lose :) Have A Nice Day

Posted by Dustin Dubree
Aight check it

Remember Warlords?...How can I forget those biters..
Fuex couldnt be hot if he was on the end of cig igniters..
Like ya misplacing a fuel stick, Fuex lost this match..
I would say hes ill, but id be Lion like Charlie Batch..
Wits End, I End It with a "W" you suck and not rite..
Warlords known for chewing, ya coming up wit a bite..
Your crews wack, tell me whois Hott on your roster..
Leader dont count, change Wise Ways like an imposter..
Yu Bin SunD D.o.T. Com, Fuex your style please..
Told Wits End they blow, so they dropped to their knees..
Pens kill, murder ink this hoe, united like W.E. chat..
Fuex is pussy like cats, end ya life, sorry its like that..

Wits End, I End It with a "W", put w in front of it,and its wit lol
Yu Bin SunD, D.o.T., Com, and penskill all crew members
W.E. chat...we chat

Posted by Feeble Minded
fue xion, you have ... 20 minutes.

Posted by FuE-xIoN
My Bad...LoL...Blah...And To Physik....Its Pronounced Fusion.....Not Fix...Ass...LMFAO

LoL @ This Herb....You Shoulda Never Clicked Submit Post...
Battling Me....Is Like The Nostrils In Your Sig
....You Puttin Yourself In Deep Holes!!
Like Your Custom Title..My Lyrics Are Graphic Like Woah!
Instant? Must Be From Grits The Way You Herbs
Are Always Cooked Quickly!
He Stapled Gene Simmons Tongue To A Fist....
And Still Couldnt Lick Me!!
You Spit Sick....Like A Disease....Cuz When You Drop...
Its Proof Wackness Spreads!
Cuz If Your Rhymes Are A Goal In Life....
Then I Presume You Dead!!
You Make Sigs...Get Back To The Drawing Board....
Cuz Even Yours Looks Like A Shit Hoard!
Your My Bitch, I'll Pimp Slap You And Leave You Whored!
I'll Show You Where You Belong.....Right HERE Above
The Investigative Reports!!

Posted by FuE-xIoN
Tried To Eliminate Some Of The Periods You Mentioned Feeble....Some Of It Is Just The Way I Type.....;) Taking The Advice Of A Champ...

Posted by Dustin Dubree
lmao at fusion...damn my bad i only had a lil bit to do it i didnt want to get dq'd

Posted by Feeble
lmao, i love newbies .. so classic .. you guys are dope :)

Posted by FuE-xIoN
:) Dropped Weak...Didnt Feel Like Doing Better.....But Enough For A Win ;)

Posted by Lethargic
Physik - Those biter punches might have hit harder...if we were still the WarLords. I mean, even in roster...we're nothing like the WarLords were. Our Roster is virtually completely different...barring myself, Hottie, Dimense. You had a good idea with the crew member names, but you executed it poorly.

Fue - Bleh, you could at least have made this battle worth entering, lol. Nonetheless, you did have a couple nice punches in there. Flowed a little better than Physik's...even though it fell off slightly in some points.

VOte ~ Fue

Posted by Emerge
Originally Posted by FuE-xIoN
:) Dropped Weak...Didnt Feel Like Doing Better.....But Enough For A Win ;)

dont be so cocky that shit is annoying...;)

anyway...battle was below averge for both of you
fuesion had better punches and personals that is what
wins battles....physik did a lot better than i thought though

Posted by Dustin Dubree
chrit or trapt kid was in wits and he bit.. avalon included...wow...both repped wits end

Posted by Feeble Minded
Fue wins. closed.