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Posted by Feeble Minded
check in by wednesday
verses due friday
if u think ur opponent wont show, drop ne way or if they do u lose...
come dope, help ur crew dont hurt them...

Posted by .Iknoevel.
checkin in...

Posted by LM
Checkin in......goodluck

Posted by LM
My verse.....

Wit's End wanted a seriously wack rapper, so they decided to recruit you
But they didnt know the wackness would rub off on the rest of the crew
When this is through just know that you wont ever belong in this hip hop
Coz your just like your dick...........................your just a constant flop
Wont ever reach the top, and I would call you MJ, but I'd insult Micheal
Atleast his lines are fresh and new......whereas all of yours are recycled
You aint entitled to any wins......damn it, how'd you fuckin get in elite
You could light a fire on the keyboard.....and still not battle with heat
When your beat, I'll do rb a favour, I'm a rip out all your vocal chords
Coz fuck all of Wits End.......I'd rather remember the Warlords

Posted by Lethargic
V - LM

Dammit Celest >:|

Posted by Emerge

Posted by Feeble Minded
v/ LM .. closed