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Posted by Carpe_diem
They say that true beautyís under the skin,
They couldnít be more wrong.
If those very words are true,
Why am I still the lonely one?
Iíve tried to be the best I can,
Believe you me, Iíve tried,
But here I am still all alone,
After many tears Iíve cried.
Iíve suffered many heartbreaks,
Pains and crushing blows,
How much I ache within,
Oh nobody knows.
It seems that nobody cares
How lonely that I am
They may see all the pain Iím in
But they just donít give a damn.


Posted by battlefreak
that's pretty good

Posted by Carpe_diem
Thanx Battlefreak . I write a bit of poetry, but i neva no wat to fink if it. Thanx for da feed bak. :thumbup: