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Posted by battlefreak
Annie/definitely doesn't look manly/looks as good as a Ferrari and a Lamborghini/looks better than Britney/has a great ass/no doubt about that/she's a great lass/she's so hot she creates a haze/she gets me in a daze/she makes me lost/like in one huge maze/this poem is probably a loada cheese/Jeez Louise/it is/she's always such a tease/'specially that ass/oooeeee.

Annie/her great looks bare an uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie apparently/she's got melting me to a t/every time I see her/I melt/evaporate/one day/someone'll have to resuscitate/her eyes hypnotize me/her thighs mesmerise me/she's gotta be too good to be true/I just don't know what to do/yeah/I wanna ask her out/but I don't know how to/I just don't have the courage/I'd like to get round to it/but I can't/she doesn't work there now/she didn't quit/she was sacked/I hate duncan/He's a FUCKING TWAT!/I hate he's gut's/I'd love to run him over with a 40-ton truck/or a forklift/anything/I don't give a fuck/I hope he burns in hell/he probably will/you can tell/He probably is Satan/just look at his eyebrows

Annie/she always made me happy/I never could wait to see her/I never could wait till Monday/I loved my working day's/if it meant I saw her/But I don't now/there's nothing for me there/so/where to go/oh, I dunno/god, I miss her/I couldn't and still can't not think of her//I'll remember her forever/I'll never forget/the great times/she winked at me/she once said just looking at me made her feel hot/I always got that by just catching a glimpse of her/she made me smile inside/this isn't a lie/if I was to be her boyfriend/I'd just die/well/I can't think of any more now/maybe she'll be round the next bend/the end. :hump: lol

Posted by battlefreak
feedback would be very appreciated, and I'll take a gander at ur's.

Or at least rate it at the top of the page.

Posted by TURBAN
well i fancy it , lots of rhyming and what not ha but its good , ode to your woman right? well yea keep it up , check mine out right below yours , and you know where earls terrace is ? in london , my family usually stays in st,davids court