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Posted by ~Luciano~

"Never let love go"
We never intended it to intentionally b like This
Neva was our good times supposed 2 be Missed
Never am i supposed 2 forget my love with You
Never was i supposed 2 forget what we been Thru
Never will i ever forget you~Never lose that Feeling
Never did i realize that you are the key i was Needing
Never will i forget the sweet tune of ya heart Beats
Never will i let the sound of u leave my Memory's
Never without you can i ever imagine livin with Out
Never will your name ever cease from my Mouth
Never will i forget the Impact that Sarah Has
Never will i let Sarah Chamma leave my Vocab
Never will i ignore it when your name is Mentioned
Never again from you i will Hide away my Intensions
Never will i let the Strength of our fate get took Away
Never will i be hungry again because you fill my Plate
Never will i have 2 exploit and fool with any more Women
Never will i deny again that you are my Motive for Livin
Never will i have to experience any more one night Stands
Never will I have to wakeup wondering if im in your Plans
Never will we get in conflicts over silly shit i didnt mean 2
Never will i let Anything over bear us we can make it Thru
Never will i pressure you and force you towards any Abortion's
Never will i Denie you of the love you need and crave in Portions
Never will we Fuck but Make Sweet Love until the sun rises Up
Never again will i tell you that were done and out time is finally Up
Never will i deny that i want Children never will my feelins be Sheilded
Never before have i said U are my world and I love you and actually Meant It
Never will i stop our Growth and never will your love for me turn Cold
Never Everr Sarah Lynn will i lose u and never princess will i let you Go

Posted by Logic The Goonie
awwwwwww ur soooooo fuckin soft nigga! j/k that was straight. u just come up with it now or u been writin it for a while?

Posted by ~Luciano~
Lol i wrote that 4 my fiance

Posted by Logic The Goonie
ok i feel u. i was gunna take it and put my girls name in it to give to her buuut naw i wouldnt do that. i respect u too much. n e ways it was tight and u almost write poetry as good as u rap. two gats up!

Posted by ~Luciano~
4 sho

Posted by Introspect.
will i read this fuckin SHIT you call poetry as tha tittle say's NEVER EVER lol

Posted by ~Luciano~
I aint no fuckin poetry writer jus some shit i jotted down

Posted by Abraxas
nice poem dawg
im feeling it

Posted by ~Luciano~
4 sho
good lookin out


Posted by The Mexican
damn nice drop...alot of emotion in dat...tell u really put thought into dat...nice vocab...and the repeated thing worked in dis...in otha poems in gets old readin da same shyt but in dis it worked fa it...nice drop good word play...return da favor...peace

Posted by ~Luciano~
Thanx Fam