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Posted by Stash Butta
The miles get less, while growing stress
A tragic mess I must confess
a road it seems, this famouse mile
so many crossed it with a smile,
went north, did black folks, south went wight
But not to live these people crossed
Almost, so close, for shit, that was the cause
Almost with bullet holes, my future almost lost,
Stopped short by dirty pigs, handcuffed and decked
While tasting cold concreete, than the back seat
Got taken by the pigs right at the mile of life
The mile that takes away more life than wife
Across the Mile, the famous mile of Faith, the 8
The summer sun ignoring my pale skin.
So pale, I look away when mirrors have a grin
Short days controlled by Ö.shit, come night let life begin
Today began just like the end of yesterday, itís all a mess
Where who and what I know and well, this must be hell
I must be dead, not yet, the world needs me to tell
Someone must tell those smart as hell
With ticket for the train of pain Itís a connecting ride I say
connection through the rose, the nose or vein.
Try shit that is the product of existence, always someone to blame
Somewhere somehow lost souls are paying with their last
Or who is trying to forget that thought of scoring a nice sack
Remember worse, who knows but god, its jail in fact, to hell and back
Warm flesh, curled up, cold floors, inside, the moans spell crying
Forgiveness, anything, I d rather die then lay here dying.
Shake shake jerk jerk my mind will soon expire
But no one hears me. Just sit real far away and laugh
Tangled in the blanket, I sware I wonít forget, the food
An orange and some stinky goo, I do not need that though
I know the cell will open soon during the sunshine rain or gloom
I am that man inside the room, thinking to run or face the truth
Another hour and a half past, please God
Who better to withstand this test, I know I am the best
But minute after minute pass, and nothing changed
I try to hold back all of pain, real soon I will be free
But will she be there I canít tell, but thoughts of her
Like an oasis in the midst of hell, put me to rest
Somehow untarnished by the slipping mind
Like paradise, I plunged in to a peaceful dream
A dream in which she d never leave
Like nothing could betray our love
But I awake jerk jerk shake shake
Itís all just a mirage of faith, illusion sucked up by the 8th
8 mile ill be there soon!