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Posted by WillNova
miastro, wit nice flo, chorus diminuendo//
sing in pianissamo, til forted wit crescendo//
my staff keeps tempo, strings play adagio//
soft and legatto, the melodic picasso//
voices make a glottal, rhythm syncapated//
spittin ova the ballad I recently innovated//
sounds elevated, virbrato wit a jazz swing//
classical twist, intervals drift, doing my rap thang//
fermatta held long as we near the vamp//
inticipate the rest, holdin my conductin stance//

Posted by Phenom-in-all
this was excellent. nice word usage - obviously you got more knowledge of a piano than I do. i suppose programming keyes in a beat machine are a little different than trying to match real tempo. lol. melodic picasso line was my fav easy. That should be someones nic. good looks on this one

Posted by The Mexican
damn kidd feelin dat drop...had some crazy ass vocab...and good structure...flowed right...everything was there in dis....keep dat comin kidd...peace