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Posted by badgurl3136
Kissing is a habit and f*ckin is a game
boys get all the pleasure and girls get the pain
he says he love u and believe its true
but ur stomach starts to swell and he says the hell with u
16 min of pleasure, 9 mounths of pain, 3 days in the hospital,a baby with no name,
the baby is a basterd, the mother is a whore, it never would of happon if the rubber hadn't tore

Posted by schema
hmm...i dont know if you really have a baby or you were just writing...kinda fucked up outlook on guys youve got there but if it comes from the heart its good poetry

Posted by afropimp
that shit isnt from u i heard that shit before u mite of changed a few words tho but no hate shawty

Posted by badgurl3136
nope i wrote it sry...and no i don't have a kid

Posted by afropimp
no hate but u aint rite that
sorry u may have reworded it

Posted by badgurl3136
no f*ck off i wrote it....sry but u got somethin wrong with ur head...y u got to argu with a girl! mmmm sounds like u ain't got nuttin better to do...cause u can't get a girl! Do us all a favor and F*ck off

Posted by badgurl3136
sounds to me like u just need more post...so u decide to write 5 post to talk to me

Posted by Klassic
tahts i a pretty good poem, but you aint puttin guyz in a good outlook.

Posted by chitownsoulja
u didnt write that shit i seen it before

Posted by AdditionalSkillz
nice poem and lol it makes us guys look bad also

Posted by badgurl3136
so i guess u need post too right? Wharever I wrote it get over it ur just mad cause u know that a girl can bet ur a**! So on the whole out-look of guys thing, I don't hate guys.....I love them!

Posted by ProForm
Hi, I dont agree with ure view of guys, like them others pointed out ^^ but poetry is like that neway, it reflects the composers personality and how they see things, so as schema said, as long as it came from u, its good poetry.. Neways, it does sound familiar.. just to let u kno.

Posted by TURBAN
well not to be da broken record but i seen that shit before , and dont be goin all "blah blah " wit me cuz i wont listen , i liked it though some shit reworded , and you got anything else? and even if you did qoute& write & qoute right it, the outlook on us guys is messed up . but no hate all love

:shoot: :shoot:


Posted by M&rk
bitch shoulda been on birth control

Posted by Eclipsik
Never seen it before and don't know if you bit off somebody else, but I like this piece nonetheless. Heartfelt, though biased as hell. Good drop, whoever wrote it.

Posted by badgurl3136
LOL but i don't have a kid...sry!

Posted by Eclipsik
Originally Posted by badgurl3136
LOL but i don't have a kid...sry!
Yeah I know. You said that earlier in the thread.

Posted by Twizted Ayngel
Yeah & you definitely aint write that shit.

But since you're going with this whole illusion of you writing it: Too short, basic, not as much emotion as there could be. K.

Posted by WillNova
nice poem ma, but u definitely didn't write it, cause I heard this one madd times.....

Posted by x0Ashley_Gurlx0
its on her web site.. did u people ever stop 2 think that mayb they copied her???
and 1 of her friends helped her write that... trust me i wuz there... KK i told u i wuld always b there 4 u... and 4 the guy that said that the bitch shulda ben on birthcontrol the bastard shulda bought a better brand of ruber... lol well i g2g c ya later

Posted by Adam
who gives a fuck who wrote it, it was like 3 lines long and really played, you stereotype guys harshly in it, ever stop to think, people can say no, maybe its the girls fault for being a fuckin moron and wanting to fuck...

Posted by Twizted Ayngel
^amen to that.

Posted by Verbatim
yeh i've heard it before too

Posted by BZ No Mercy

Posted by SycklyFlowetic
not a bad concept I liked it, sounded real