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Posted by badgurl3136
I knew it was wronge from the start,
lovin u was like rippin out my heart
I just sat there refusin to see,
all the terrible things u were doin to me
I was foolish to think we were made for each other,
but it all might as well but my words in the gutter
Lovin a playa was the hardest thing ever
I've learnt alot from lovin u,
my heart was crushed into 2
I know now lookin in the past,
that lovin a playa would never last
So in the future I'll watch what i do,
but i want u to know i'll still alway love u

Posted by M.C DUCK
so did u love a player cuz i just what to know baby u might be the one for me and if you ever what to fuck u just let me know ok cuz when ver you what to get it i will het it i might love uto night

Posted by x0Ashley_Gurlx0
aww K he likes u.. lol j/k ttyl

Posted by Adam
meh not bad not bad

Posted by Charms
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr how sweetof u!!!...........