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my wonderful poem for the day ,yes i said wonderful

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-- my wonderful poem for the day ,yes i said wonderful
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Posted by TURBAN
my negativity leads to my creativity ,
"the hate" i feed off of it i guess it led to the insensitvity
i rose from these ashes
picked my fights , and at times bit my lip
but the progress i made , never let me commit
i never trusted no one , made sure to keep my shit straight
a few white lies to cover up anything they could hold against me
i know they wait and ancipate ,
participate in there little games- i dont think so
but surprised by own ingenuity , the acuity that befell me
was simply amazing , i know what they said
raising a kid like me cant be easy so i made it as hard as it could be

*dont get me wrong the trips to hawaii, newyork ,london,paris,caen(northern france for all u dat dont know) all in the span of 6 months is amazing,the trips to the "other house" , the summer house will be forever in me but its time i made something of my self instead of being supported by my family best wishes to the 05 gang "EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING ,BUT WE ARE SOMETHING YOU DONT SEE EVERY DAY"

Posted by The Mexican
damn kidd another good drop...liked dat one...only thing that was off was da structure...otha than that tho it was a nice poem...feelin those first 5 lines...keep it comin peace