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Posted by !Mc Merc!
life is like a botomless river
rolls through paths without time for truth
but after after time it is recovered through primary routes
goes in to the ocean, then travels thorugh the sea
but finally it returns to the river and up back to its destiny
the river is full of goodness, but is also corrupt
it takes and destroys, goes over anything out of luck
different things and races go different places
but everthing goes back to familiar faces
like history the worlds actions will repeat
like the water going through a very familliar peak
it enchants life, but when evil erupts all his buried under the river

this is a freeverse btw

Posted by YuNg_GuN
it sucked

Posted by Twizted Ayngel
'It Sucked' was the gayest response I've ever read. I hope no one ever responds to your pieces.

Anyway, For a freeverse it was good, it had a little flow to it, in its own. Okay topic. I liked it. Ignore assholes *like above* that can't write out an actual response.