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Posted by Acuity
Hip hop is a culture not a rap
Theres so many things within it that overlap
From rap, graffin', b-boying to ball
To drinking intoxicating concuctions of alcohol
From the sex,murder and drugs
To the tragic story of a fallen street thug
Hip-hop power to touch and reach us all
To unite and get us to stand up tall

The modern hip-hopist is a complicated soul
Many here for the life, sum jus to increase their bankroll
Some like to rap some like to ball
But in the spirit of the hop the get up when they fall
Because the modern day hip-hopist feels inspired
To better himself and fulfill a desire
To elevate himself as high as he can and make himself a better man

From the ghettos of America a way of life emerged
Thats now travel acroos the world, allowing evry1 2 b heard
Starting with ppl jus raaping about their daily life
To talking about how their coping in their daily strife
From shoutouts to homies with 25-ta-life
To talkin bout a girl you wanna make your wife

The skill, will and iniative of a hip-hopper is incredible
From baggy pants to du-rags the imagainnation is indelible
From run and jay in fitted pants lookin stylish
To jay-z sportin in an aston vanquish
From white on white sneakers and kicks
To old ass jeans full of rips
Its not what it is forget the hype and the bling bling
its the attitude and the confidence within
That makes a poor ass brer look like he can do nuttin but win.

Posted by YuNg_GuN

Posted by Twizted Ayngel
^The only reason you have 2O1 posts, is because you post gay responses like that. You're annoying.

Anyway - I was feelin this. Had a nice flow, a good topic - its kind of played but not in the poetic sense that you went by. I enjoyed it. Nice job, keep it up.

Posted by Acuity
thank man wat rest of y'all tink, check ma battles:

Elusiv G vs. Invader_ZIM
Elusiv G vs. Slick Skillz
Elusiv G vs. Mc Merc

Posted by Babygirl_Bitch
dat waz hella tight! i waz realli feelin dat! keep it up!