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-- Some say the truth will set you free
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Posted by Darkelff
Some say the truth will set you free
But where I come from the truth is a matter of perspective
Dictated by the elective –members of a governmental
Bureaucracy – who use’s the cover of Democracy to
Promote their own Hypocrisy
And will take the truth – Distort the truth
Make it their truth
Then teach it to our youth.
While using people of our own community
To unknowingly cause division
And rifts in our unity
Which leads to a revision
Of our concept of prosperity
While sharing the knowledge of or heritage sparingly
Have us betraying our own brothers
Back talking our own mothers
Disrespecting our sisters
Calling them bitches and forms of hoe’s
All in the name of just getting a little dough
Yet under confederate flagged plantations
They’ve erased the history of a nation
By changing the names and sir names of races
Telling them there inferior because the have dark faces

Some say the truth will set you free –
Well I live in a place where the truth is distorted
By mass propaganda –
Where the media continues Misrepresent and to slander-
People of color as, illiterate, uneducated Criminals-
While they’re read the Miranda (rights)
And Subliminal – stereotypes
Are being fed to the masses
Through television and Radio Broadcast’s
All in the name of
freedom of Speech ---
Yet only the media can impeach
Try and convict you-
Impede and restrict you
Portray you as a villain
Have the world think you should be sentenced
Because to them you’re guilty until proven innocent

Some say the truth will set you free-
Well where I come from if you’re to vocal about the truth
Your considered militant and un-couth
Rebellious and a victim of abuse
Because people know the truth but don’t want to hear the truth
That our own people are divided by the color of there skin
Where your complexion dictates the status your in
Have us paper bag pass’n –straight hair have’n
Looking down upon the dark complexion
Thinking we’re better than the African selection
When to every other race we’re all just
Some say the truth will set you free-
Well my freedom has come at the cost
Of racial holocaust- A sense of heritage lost
That makes each generation of this nation
Forget the purpose of our salvation
Where negative reactions –to affirmative actions
Cause political distractions that leads to detractions
From the reason of this action
Which provokes reactions that cause in-action
All to the media’s satisfaction