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Posted by calm criminal
A poet is like a hero
but only in written words.
with a pure heart and loyalty
his heart is not yet sold.
deep within tha world of poetry
where tha poet's ideas flow,
reaching deep into there hearts
to see if they unfold.
tha poet's heart is in trouble,
if it's being controlled.
tha darkness outside tha heart
might cause it to explode.
but if a poet's heart is broken,
it makes him even stronger.
but with great ease and sometimes sorrow,
his poems might get longer.
the darkness could turn virulent,
if your heart can't unfold.
your words can't come from tha heart,
if your heart has been store bought
tha darkness could delude tha heart,
and demolish all thoughts as well.
no fellings, no words, no poems, no poet left to tell

Posted by TURBAN
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