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Posted by Effect
I hate everything that i see theres no peace
the goverment are wrong nothing ever is sweat
this is why lifes makin me weak and I hate
all the things ive been through god has create
im trying to reach my level spittin like the devil
my lyrics are too intence they diserve a medal
hip hop is my best it gives me a chance to express
a way to get outta mess take the stress off my chest
all I see is enemys trying to take a peice of me
when you don't even know me and i make ya history
so everynight I laugh at my past cause im an out cast
nothings right all the world is interested is in your cash
nothing makes sense I hate everything in my sight
the way you talk the way you smile the way ya fight
I get real angry when i see so many artists comercial
who an't bringing skill just a bunch of phony rehersal
I hate you for just being you because your happy
and have no idea about life bein always so crappy
nobody can out rap me I'll say what I always think
if that means me having to say ya rappin stinks
ive gotta killin instinct just to have you killed
and dumped on a field in some plastic clean film
paracites on my back about to take vicious snaps
so I get em trapped and make them do laps
watchin dem collapse wid my raps your wack
i'll attack you and watch you never come back
im losing my mind everything seems like a fright
you gotten me outragous im'a blow up like dynamite
sick of things in sight sick of all the world creations
sick of animals sick of the human cumunications
sick of all the war sick of all the tragic death
sick of peoples breath sick of waitin till the end
sick of wimin and men yo i'll keep sayin dis again
I first started to hate at 10 at school thats when
I hate all the pressure I hate all of the jocks
I hate washing dishes I hate the dirty socks
I hate everyone even you but what can I do?
I hate intervies I cannot stand to watch news
I hate the abuse I hate the truth I hate myself
I hate my parents I hate welth I hate the elf
I hate old ladys I hate cats I hate the gays
I hate the djays I hate A's I hate this place
I hate mental people I hate every single day
I hate the bordom I even hate what ya say
I hate english I hate maths I hate teachers
I hate public speakers I hate the preechers
I hate the mornings I hate people with grudges
I hate scilent gay people I hate judges
I hate judgements I hate all of the critocism
I hate religion I hate bliss and lifes wisdom
I hate the united kingdom I hate funerals
I hate sitting down I hate fuckin unerals
I hate sad people I hate your ugly mouths
I hate my house I hate this dirty couch
I hate this chair that im all the time sittin in
I hate people winning I hate drinkin jin
I hate the non hip people I hate the geeks
I hate the freeks I hate all the differen't weeks
I hate to sleep I hate to wake I hate sacrifices
I hate having shit cloths I hate the scilence
I hate the accidents I hate the sad future
I hate losers I even hate this fuckin computer

Posted by bone_daddy
ok this was a lil more creative & had a good vibe overall quality is 7.5/10 but still the same structure & but u need 2 work on ur wordplay more & also use more metaphors it helps

Posted by Red Stroke
Alright Kind Of Creative here, But Long Man, Whoa! And Try Not To Write On Topics Like This Yo