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Posted by Bangalore
i ask her to stand up.
she stands up looks me in the face.
i see her eyes blue as yesterday .
prolly be the same as tomorrow.
i make a slow move. and grab her hand.
she slowly pulls away before i can speak .
i stop look down at my feet. something i can't understand
.. a poormans defeat.
so i continue."whats the matter?"
she stops , stares and looks at me.
"i don't know how to explain this. its complicated."
well i respond with don't worry we'll get through it.
she starts to mumble and for those moments of bliss
these 30 seconds felt like 30 years.
everything i had known, grown to love about you
gone in a few moments .i watch them slip away
through the cracks that we've created
i whisper "please" i see her well up
i say "if this is so hard than why do it?"
she responds with a thought and puts me in my place
makes sure i see her as her face goes straight
i turn around . and take my first few steps alone
its almost to much to take

if someone wants to finish this go ahead