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12. .K.onfliktz Vs. 53. Doomsday

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-- 12. .K.onfliktz Vs. 53. Doomsday
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Posted by FlowIntelligent.

Battles go up Wednesday, Check Ins due on Friday before 11:59 PM EST, Verses due on Sunday before 11:59 PM EST.

10 Lines
No Biting
No Recycling
No Feeding

Only Voting Council May Vote On The Battle.

Good Luck

Posted by K.ontroverz.Y
checkin in..........

Posted by Spektikul
No Show........................

Posted by KOOL COL-B
i dont think kon gon b able 2 drop, hiz shit bin fuckin up lately, werd

Posted by FlowIntelligent.
Battle Closed

.K.onfliktz Wins By No Show