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32. Forgotten Flow Vs. 33. J Dot

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-- 32. Forgotten Flow Vs. 33. J Dot
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Posted by FlowIntelligent.

Battles go up Wednesday, Check Ins due on Friday before 11:59 PM EST, Verses due on Sunday before 11:59 PM EST.

10 Lines
No Biting
No Recycling
No Feeding

Only Voting Council May Vote On The Battle.

Good Luck

Posted by Luse Cannon
ok my peoples right here. good luck jdot

Posted by M-Eazy

Posted by M-Eazy
I guess I’ll just sit down for this win, because this dude, I cant stand em
Taking easy wins is good for me, but yo flow just stay abandoned
I ain’t gota finish my barz to still say that I’m thorough
Cause if I ever smoked, I’ll be lighting flow like a Marlboro
You gots to be wack, if we gotta rush you to spit
…Cause J DOT winning this is a must like armpits
I snap fast like fotographs, so say ‘cheese’ like mozzarella
Got beef? Ya heart’ll ‘stop beating’ just to go acapella
….‘Rock-Me-Fella’?...I’ll ‘Def Jam’(definitely jam) ya rhymes
You spit irrelevant shit, you just spamming ya lines

GL forgotten...this one took me 25 min. I hope its good enough...


Posted by FlowIntelligent.
Battle Closed

J Dot Wins By No Show