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3. Common Vs. 47. GKillaz05

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-- 3. Common Vs. 47. GKillaz05
Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by FlowIntelligent.

Battles Go Up On Wednesday, Check Ins Are Due Friday Before 11:59 PM EST. Verses Are Due Sunday Before 11:59 PM EST.

12 Lines
No Biting
No Recycling
No Feeding

You May Go 10 Lines If You Would Like But 12 Is The Maximum

Good Luck

Posted by Its a me.. Mario
gyea check 1 2 yes yes

g'luck G dunno who you is but yeah

Posted by Grave Digger
thats soooooo gay, a free pass to round 3... :(

Posted by Its a me.. Mario
gyea i know tell me about it... Flow if you gunna set me up with kids make sure they gunna show i hate gettin free passes it wastes my time and aint help me try and elevate none...

not that i need any elevation cause i own you all whores

Posted by Grave Digger
^^^^^^^ I'm kicking you out next round :(

Posted by GKillaz05
checkin' in, sorry if im to late, but if Im not, I wasnt tryin' to duck, and I still want to battle.

Posted by Oz™
close This........................................

Posted by Restricted
Common Wins By No-Show