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10. Flow Intelligent Vs. 31. Kesse

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-- 10. Flow Intelligent Vs. 31. Kesse
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Posted by FlowIntelligent.

Battles Go Up On Wednesday, Check Ins Are Due Friday Before 11:59 PM EST. Verses Are Due Sunday Before 11:59 PM EST.

12 Lines
No Biting
No Recycling
No Feeding

You May Go 10 Lines If You Would Like But 12 Is The Maximum

Good Luck

Posted by FlowIntelligent.
Check Good Luck Kesse

Posted by Germ
yeah, gl to ya flow


Posted by Spektikul
best of luck man ^^^

Posted by Germ
so uhb.vie.ushly whack, questions answered without having to ask
gotta be disappointed with yourself, why else you hidin behind a mask?
aint nothing smart about your flow son, open your mouth you can hardly speak
cause you got so much cauk sealing it up.......its like your preventin leaks
one of the oldest members around, shit, probly still be here in your thirties
sad thing is you still aint king, why else you competing in your own tourny
scope your skill, tell its not expanding, even without the hubble dude
cause even your crew knows im better, cause G............. my skills W
you gotta have a low IQ, why else would it be "uh yeah, im dope"
lady luck better be a slut....cause without her, you aint got a 'hoe'pe
only have a quarter of skill..cause your percentenge of whack is the biggest
after flow gets ripped here, he may not be survivin, but he'll be the fittest

Posted by Germ
^ turned 12 right when i pressed it.......only waited this long to ensure you would show, but you didn't

Posted by .Judicial.
whats up wit all da no-shows??


Posted by Restricted
Kesse Wins By Flow No-Showing