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13. 9th Degree Vs. 27. Compose

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- King Of Rapverse II
-- 13. 9th Degree Vs. 27. Compose
Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by FlowIntelligent.

Battles Go Up On Wednesday, Check Ins Are Due Friday Before 11:59 PM EST. Verses Are Due Sunday Before 11:59 PM EST.

12 Lines
No Biting
No Recycling
No Feeding

You May Go 10 Lines If You Would Like But 12 Is The Maximum

Good Luck

Posted by Compose
omfg are you serious...why am i facing one of the best people on this fucking site :cussing: :mad: :( damit


Posted by Nynth Degree
Oh hush. Check

Posted by Compose
Just remembered this on Friday...was out the whole weekend :\, i gotta be out but ill drop a noshow verse anyway...shoulda planned earlier but oh well

one one one
two two two
buns buns buns
toot toot toot
cunt cunt cunt
school school school
son son son
roof roof roof
slump slump slump
doom doom doom
ton ton ton
woof woof woof


Posted by Nynth Degree
I kill keystyles, your verse only proves you're a feeble assassin
Sorry I can't tutor you more, 'cuz I've moved up from remedial classes
Beatin' you're ass n' stompin' your grill, wont talk shit out your face
And I'll fasten your loss like my belt just to prove you're at waist
Originally Posted by Compose
why am i facing one of the best people on this fucking site

^ I couldn't fathom a better question
But wow! you got into AI! oh wait...the resurrection
But maybe the A means Artificial, 'cuz you're stupid with flows
Changed your name, and that verse was still the best you could Compose
Even your old name can take the attention away when I get down
Well, you're in the spotlight now...'cuz this is your Final round

Blah, good luck :thumbup:

Posted by Grave Digger
thats gay, a free win, oh well

Posted by Ş
9th...........cuz he dropped a verse.......
blah @ compose for the hoe-show

Posted by Nynth Degree

Posted by Adam
Compose had a hot verse...but 9th just edged him out...

Vote: 9th Degree

Posted by Oz
Should This Be Really Be Explained......???

V/9th Degree

Posted by diman
ummm vote: 9th.... if i have to explain, tell me.

Posted by .Judicial.
yo compose almost had it...that buns line killed it lol...wtf...just waistin time if u aint gonna show up..


Posted by Restricted
9th Degree Wins By KO