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- King Of Rapverse II
-- (3)Common Vs. Wet Willy(43)
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Posted by Restricted

Battles Go Up On Saturday, Check Ins Are Due Monday Before 11:59 PM EST. Verses Are Due Tuesday Before 11:59 PM EST.

.::Battle Rules::.

14 Line Maximum
5 Votes Wins
3-0 Is A KO
No Feeding
No Recycling
No Biting

You Do Not Have To Go 14 Lines, but That Is The Line Limit Selected For This Round.



Posted by Wet Willy
Czech Czech....

Posted by Its a me.. Mario
yo R i need a extension 8i didnt think the battles would be u until today and i get on and see that they was set up 2 days ago... if not just lemme know fam...

but yeah check like whoa

geno nice to see you again aint seen you since you was over on RB

Extension Granted...You Both Have Until Wednesday To Drop Your Verses


Posted by Spektikul
GL Willy...

Should be a dope battle.

Drop fire yall.

Posted by Wet Willy
Take a look at the Avy...is this not the Gayest Bastard Alive??
"Whoring These Herbs"?...nah son...you should put "Actual Size"
Beating me?..only in your dreams...if u havent happened to notice
u could have sum'n in Common with Kodak & Condoms...............
............................still couldnt "capture the moment"
this homo couldnt step to me...i wonder how eager he's been to bite??
When his occupation is similar to Amish Girl Fantasies..Two Mennonite!
Quit Rap Kid!..maybe think about male prostitution..bring em the steam
you'd have little balls...and screw old ladies...a human Bingo Machine!
i coulda checked u then...u gotta extension...so i 'checked ya later'
Common is a Self-Made-Man..and the only one who Respects his Creator
Keys "Led Poetic Tradegy" to another site to make up the skill lacked for
only way hes advancing is if he bites..OH SHIT!..that actually IS a factor

PAY ATTENTION TO SET UP LINES!...They Play a big factor in a couple of the punches........

Posted by Its a me.. Mario
This round im up against Blah to lazy to write a veres this round... the tourny went to shit once again... but geno just be glad because ima be in the next one and ill save all my personals i got against you for then cause i was gunna whore you with all the shit from RB with you and you used to be a modd then banned and a bunch of other shit but im just to lazt to turn it into a veres... peace

Posted by .Ike.
lol damn...my boy Wet waisted a pretty nice verse too

Posted by Restricted

Wet Willy Wins By Default...Common No-Showed