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(2)Hotshh! Vs. ~High-Dro~(56)

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- King Of Rapverse II
-- (2)Hotshh! Vs. ~High-Dro~(56)
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Posted by Restricted

Battles Go Up On Saturday, Check Ins Are Due Monday Before 11:59 PM EST. Verses Are Due Tuesday Before 11:59 PM EST.

.::Battle Rules::.

14 Line Maximum
5 Votes Wins
3-0 Is A KO
No Feeding
No Recycling
No Biting

You Do Not Have To Go 14 Lines, but That Is The Line Limit Selected For This Round.



Posted by N.Tavarez

Posted by High-Dro
check mate.......ya i gotta think of sumthin for a verse, or else...a no-show is imminent

Posted by N.Tavarez
U need to Grow Up, your claims to be Satan proves your Below Us
Easy E in your pic's the " Sickest Punch" that you can Throw Us
Just an actor, sig shows your 'Training Day' left you Drama-Tized
I'll merk em in '7 Bars'............. like 'Multiple Pub Homicides'
I see u gangbanging with 'da game', I'll leave you Dripping on a Rug
With floods leaking from ya mouth...... cuz 'Spittings' in ya 'Blood'
Why you gassed cuz you beat two cats who Half Assed It?
How you gonna 'Steal the Show'? Dro, You couldnt 'Bag Plastic'
See we let you in as Filler... Your goals for victory Amuse Me
Cuz Hydro couldnt ' Win the paper' if we raffled off Loose Leaf!
Da favorites always favored to lose to undersogs who Lie Low
But when i Drop, Fuck Hi!,They'll start calling you Goodbye-Dro
Get hit with pipes and Flying Chairs, so stop ya Lying, Queer...
"The Next Rounds on Me"....and no Dro.....I aint Buying Beers

all personals based on sigs, and avy...

Posted by High-Dro
nice verse, hotshh...i didn't have time to do anything so i didn't...plus i'm lazy as fuck...lol...i could prolly do it tonight but meh...anyways, good luck the rest of the way...i predict that you'll win....o yea...only thing i had:

only time hotshh! comes out on top is when i got diarrhea while doin a handstand

haha...again, good luck

Posted by Germ
since this is over, i'll post right now

fuck hot, last 4 bars were........hot, haha...laughed pretty hard at the goodbye one

Posted by Restricted

HotShh! Wins By High-Dro Giving Up