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Posted by Sean Gunner
Have an idea for the league, or feel someone is breaking the rules? Post it here.

Posted by ksr
i think the topics shud be less specific
for example, this weeks topics wud be better as...
bussiness card for dj manipulation>>>>>business card
mixtape cover called "spin it till it warps">>>>>mixtape cover
logo for company called "locked security">>>>>company logo

jus 2 give the artists more space for creativity

Making stuff from scratch is only a part of doing graphics. Sometimes you are given specific details and how creative you can be with specifications shows how good you truly are. I mean, you can't do whatever if you are being paid money. You have to do what they want, or else you don't get paid. Sometimes there will be specifications, sometimes there won't. Depends on if I think the people are ready.
-The R.

jea i hear u
ur right, if u doin a real job u aint gonna be able to choose shit like that

Posted by Elegiac
I do like men! :hump:

I'm so ghey OMFGZ I like to edit/delete Elegiac's posts cuz I'm ghey and want panda fluides on my bum bum!!
-The R

Posted by Journal!st
have em.......like being told what to make.......................then may the best man win of what they make of it.

Refer to the post earlier by Xplosive.
-The R.

Posted by Elegiac
Fuck Rev...editing posts and shit.
I will suck on your babies!

Nasty dude. It's just cuz I :love: you.
-The R.

Posted by Elegiac
Spamming to make Rev mad.

Posted by Elegiac
Rev wants my babies to be named after him.

Posted by Elegiac

Lol buttsex spam spam.

Posted by PIMPIN aint easy
dam im sure i signed up for this agez ago

You're in it now.
- The R.