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Posted by Sean Gunner
No Shows
First off, do not no show. For your first no show you will be suspended from the league for a week, and left on probation. Second time you will be suspended for two weeks, but then you will need to sign back in or else you will not have anymore battles. Third time is a permanent banning from that season of the league.

Battles and Playoffs
Battles will be set up on Monday, and the check ins are due by Wednesday. The graphics are due on Friday, and voting will be open till Sunday night. Every participant in the league must vote on AT LEAST 4 battles. To make it easier for the mods please leave the links in a single post.

Each season will be 15 weeks, and then playoff battles will start. The top 8 people ranked in the league will then battle in a single elimination tournament. After 4 playoffs, the champions of the league from those playoffs, will compete in a double elimination tournament.

Things NOT Wanted in Graphics
Offensive Material (MJ and little kids, etc...)

Thats about it. Not too much restricted, but be smart.

Knockout = +3
Norm. Win= +2
Loss= +0
No Show= -5
Tie = +1

Rankings will be reset at the end of a season.

Please give bour 2 lines for each person. Doesn't have to be a paragraph, but enough to help them out. No "That sucked you lost", help them out so that they don't suck and learn how to get better.

Posting After the Battle (People in the battle)
Do not sway or post to a comment left. Only up your battle, or say the standings.