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Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by Sean Gunner

Check in by Wednesday
Drop graphic by Friday

Topic: Business card for DJ Manipulation
Size: No bigger than 350 x 150

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Posted by ksr
wuttup trace, lookin forward to a rematch here :thumbup:

Posted by ksr
here's mine


good luck trace :thumbup:

Posted by ksr
i wuznt sure if hes a real dj or not, so i just made up the info

Posted by ksr
uppin this for trace to see
this league's doin a lot better than i expected, its tuesday n every1 but trace has shown... thats pretty good for the first week

Posted by Untraceable
ohh word my bad i almost forgot about this shit
i'll drop tonight or tomoro

Posted by Untraceable
just threw a lil something together


Posted by Sean Gunner
v- X

I like the clean business look to it. The faded speakers are a good touch as well. Props to that. Overall it's easier to read and easier on the eyes.

Untrace, few spelling errors and the text is kinda choppy. Looks kind of unorganized and just not that appealing. Though more interesting, I just don't like the look of it.

Posted by ..:Murder:..
if i can vote.

ite first off x
looks real clean. nice speaker fades
texts look clean
i like where u positioned all the texts

ite now trace.
not really feeling what u put on the bg
the color of it dont feel right also
the text looks really choppy
i do like what u did on the bottom right corner. the DJ part
u need to learn how to spell some words

overall i vote X
looks more neat for a business card

Posted by Daubs
V./ X

Came proffesional looking and original.

Traces was a bit ugly -_-

Posted by Elegiac
V/X.....................more clean and proffesional.

Posted by Sean Gunner
Xplosive wins due to KO.