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Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by Sean Gunner
Sign up here for a battle next week. 350 posts or 3 graphic wins required.

Posted by Rawk James
can i sign up even though I wasnt here for the first week? :)

Get some more posts and I will give you a battle.
- The R.

Posted by Youngandreckless
I wanna sign up

Posted by ksr
jus let them join, we need more ppl

Posted by Rawk James
^ Considering im better then him.

Posted by snipes
me back up niggas
and did ma battle close

Posted by .Fatal.
sorry about first week butim back like cooked crack...aye...

Posted by G Deuce
Sign me up, guess i will bring some flava to the table......

Posted by Enygma
toss me up in this piece. I need the practice :thumbup:

Posted by Young_law
yo im down fa this shyt