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Daubs vs. Max Mcfly

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-- Daubs vs. Max Mcfly
Meet Hot Girls In Your Area!
Posted by Sean Gunner

Check in by Wednesday
Drop graphic by Friday

Topic: Business logo for a company of your choice
Size: No bigger than 300 x 300

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Posted by Elegiac
YayaYAyAyaY checky.

Posted by Daubs



Posted by Elegiac

Posted by Daubs
We both dropped late.


Posted by ksr
max- looks koo, but doesnt really look like a logo... n definitely not a logo for aol
daubs- i can definitely see this as a real logo

both of u be sure to vote on my league battle wit new method :thumbup:

Posted by New Meth0d
v/ daubs...its just a better business logo in my opinion

Posted by Untraceable
max-not bad but yours doesnt seem like it'd be a logo for aol....but its nice
daubs-kinda hard to read but it def looks like a logo i'd see around

v/daubs for having a better logo

Posted by Sean Gunner
Daubs, why did you recycle?

Posted by ksr
yea, thats been in apexx's sig for a while
is that allowed?

Posted by Daubs
PS has expired, and theres no rule sayingi couldnt.

Posted by E.C
v/ daubs


Posted by Spektikul
Good shit daubs, props homie!

Posted by Sean Gunner
Daubs wins due to KO.