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Posted by Sean Gunner

Check in by Wednesday
Drop graphic by Friday

Topic: DVD insert for a movie called
The Ring 3: Evil Never Dies

Size: No bigger than 350 x 150

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Posted by snipes
check dis bitch..................

Posted by ~Master~Plan~
Thats a pretty cool topic.........................

Posted by snipes
look at da size man

Posted by Sean Gunner
Sorry all, forgot to change the size. It is changed to 400 x 450.

Posted by Untraceable
word. check check better topic than what i had last time

Posted by Untraceable
so pretty much this is just like a DVD cover? right ?

Posted by snipes
i didnt put no heart into dis

Posted by Untraceable

gl to everyone :thumbup:

Posted by ksr
1st off, i dont understand what the fuck ur supposed to do
i thought dvd cover, but then it said dvd insert, n then rev sed sig
so i'll just judge the entries as i would a no-topic...

i'll be honest, i really dont like any of these
snipes- picture is too distorted, text is barely legible
chief- pic n bg dont match, pic is poorly cut, text is ight but doesnt look very proffesional
trace- again, bad job of fitting pic into ur bg... u shoud've used the perspective tool to make it fit mire, and some blurring... doesnt really look like a horror movie either.... the evil never dies text is great, but i dont really like the "the ring" thing
trace's is easily the best tho
2nd- chief

Posted by New Meth0d
v/ trace....i really like the ring 3 and your bg is more horror, and matches the pic better than chiefs

sheif you def. came in second. i was really feelin ya text work, but ya cuttin wasnt that great....nice job though

and the other dude didnt really compare with chief and trace

Posted by Daubs
V./ trace, that was ill.

snipes came ugly, chief too basic.

Posted by Untraceable

there is my votes :thumbup:

Posted by Sean Gunner
Untraceable wins due to KO.