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Posted by Sean Gunner

Check in by Wednesday
Drop graphic by Friday

Topic: A banner for a site called: Rap Idols
Size: No bigger than 780 x 175

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Posted by Sean Gunner
Checking in, px

Posted by Elegiac

Posted by Sean Gunner

Posted by Elegiac

Posted by snipes
vote: MaX M

dat is hot shit

Posted by ksr
max- dope, isnt really rap-based, but still hot as fuck.... good text, like the grunge brushing u put on everythin
rev- the mic wud be good BETWEEN the 2 words, but it really dont look like an I... when i saw it i thot it said "rap dolls" but spelled wrong, dont think i woulda gotten it at all if the topic hadnt been there.... other than that its good, bg is prolly better than max's cuz it has more 2 do wit rap.... but the I/mic think really ruins it

both of u be sure 2 vote on my league battle wit chief :thumbup:

Posted by Sean Gunner
Max Mcfly wins due to KO. (He likes men)