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Posted by Sean Gunner

Check in by Wednesday
Drop graphic by Friday

Topic: A CD cover for each other
Size: No bigger than 400 x 400

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Posted by Young_law
check checkarooo

Posted by New Meth0d
check check....

Posted by New Meth0d
here it is

Posted by Young_law
thas whas crackin

Posted by Sean Gunner
v- TN

I'm not gonna bother explaining.

Posted by Young_law
lol werd, uppin fa some mo votes

Posted by PIMPIN aint easy
dam both ya dropped real wack dunno who to vote for

Posted by New Meth0d
i can see both being on the shelves neither of them are to complex

Posted by ksr
both wack
wtf @ the spiral bullet hole
n if ur gon call it "this is my city" u cud put a city in the background
tn- woulda been better if the leaf wuznt on top of meth's head, still better tho

Posted by Sean Gunner
ThatNigga wins due to KO.