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E-Stlye is calling out YOUR weak ass crew (yes your crew)

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-- E-Stlye is calling out YOUR weak ass crew (yes your crew)
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Posted by JTR
Canada’s finest
Gods of war
Old School
Crhyme Sindicate
The Council
Living Legends
Authentik Intelligence
The Legacy

That's all of RV's real crews right now, so if you see your crew on this list, that means we're calling you out. This is it, this shit is going down right now, we ARE taking over this bitch, every fucking kid who is rocking a crew in their sig other then e-style is getting whored come tomorow, every crew is gonna have their fucking weak dynasty come to an end. Get your fucking rosters ready, and make the thread with your roster posted when you got it, don't come posting your roster in here cuz if every crew does that shit it's gonna get too confusing. Get a fucking roster ready, and make the fucking thread. We'll answer back with our roster early. This is f'real, none of that lazy ass shit where the battle never ends up going down, it's not hard to get a fucking roster, pick some of your weak ass members, and bring your weak asses at us. Come get whored. Plain and fucking simple, you got 2 options, battle and get ripped, or duck like a bitch. - 1 -

Posted by WhyBother
shut up.


Posted by Stanza.
No No No

Dont Shut Up

Shut The Fuck Up

Thank You

Posted by OuTlAwZ
Go Suck Ya Dildo.......