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Posted by Unfulfilled
sitting here with this pen and paper in my hand
unworded lines... unfinished thoughts....clouded
quickly deferred, contemplation of wasted emotions
speechless, thoughtless....
like writing with no ink in my pen, no lead in my pencil
a vacant mind, words sitting on the tip of my tongue
but caught up in my brain.....
my thoughts are like saw victums, trapped...tested to
be released but unfortunely becomes soon dead to the word
becoming a mere casualty to my note pad.....
envision gripping a mic in front of thousands of fans
ready to give it your all....ready to release your thoughts
of wisdom but......NO SOUND
just like gripping my pen and moving my hand over my
note book....but NO WORDS...NO INK....
suffering from Writer's Block

Posted by Ysdat
you should record some of these on that spoken word tip, I mean, they ok, but I feel you could bring your own emotion across in a audio peice of it.

Stay dropping,