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Posted by Lay.
Lay Fear vs Malicious

Due times:
Check in due Wednesday 11.59pm EST.
- if you don't check in by this time, and you DO end up posting, -2 votes.
Verses due by Friday 11.59pm EST. Yeah, that's eastern. not pacific.
Lateness = -2 votes even IF your opponent allows you to post late.
Max. extension = 24 hours, to be granted by your opponent.

Line limits:
10 min and 20 max. for regular battles. 16 min and no max in champ matches. If no line limit agreed, second battler to post must match first battler. But ultimately, first battler gets to set the line number by how much he posts.


Posted by Lay.
Lets just go 12.

Posted by Malicious
Fine With Me...

Posted by Lay.
smh..chubby fuck..

I slice an sever,..get diced n weathered. Your fit to call weaker.
An if he tries to cutback .. it will have to do with weight or his physical features.
School tough stupid?..Upgrade ya style n try to bend the scale.
N its impossible for him to downgrade..you stay in the same one when ya fail.
This queer act tough?..Na, we won't be feeling fairly.
He does Pose a threat though..usually gay postures tend to really scare me.
His style? I'll have to defuse it..so I'll be smackin this nuisance
N this thugs ALWAYS packin heat...bein to much of a pussy to actually use it.
Your mother gets around..she's always reeling to scream.
And this is a bigger Ma - Lay matchup..then the night ya were really conceived.

10 pz n' gl.

Posted by Malicious
kid will make it no where in life n dis site better believe me
kid sets low personal standards, then consistently fails to achieve them
Dis guys been gettin pwned for years n i know it hurt
N I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!
Ima pwn you fag cuz as i step in here i can tell ur not ready
N You're not yourself today. N I noticed improvement already
Jus clowning you is fun but today ur lifes gonna be done
So You should do some soul-searching N Maybe you'll find one
kids lost in life n dont know if hes a real deal faggit
But Some day you will find yourself - and wish you hadn't

Posted by Kirk
I don't really want to explain this. Lay Fear took this easy. Mal, your first line didn't even rhyme, and the rest of your verse was poor attempts and bad wording. Lay Fear had a pretty consistent verse but honestly you didn't even need much.


Posted by Keith Moon
v/ lay..
no explanation needed sorry

Posted by p4ntzistheish
wow i won't even waste time explainin this.

vote: lay fear

Posted by King Solo
The previous 3 votes have hit the nail on the head. This battle was fucking weak from an outside perspective. Although, contrary to what Kirk said.. Malicious' first bar DID in fact rhyme.. the rhyming though was only barely there and that was from a forced perspective. Mal's entire verse though to me was a mixture of bad and played concepts that were not taken through a decent level of constructive wording and instead just pieced together with whatever came to mind. His verse didn't show me anything and it was as if no thought went into it. Lay came with an ok verse, I don't know how the others saw his verse.. I personally found it to be amusing in places but overall it wasn't a "great" verse. It was much like myself this week, a drop that is the equivalent to "just enough to take the win".

Vote: Lay Fear

Posted by Intangible
if u don't kno why i voted for lay you suck

VOTE = Lay

Posted by Adam
There really isn't a point to breaking this battle down.

Vote:Lay Fear, easily.

Posted by Kirk
Lay Fear wins. Battle closed.