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Posted by Kirk
Intangible vs. Malicious

Due times:
Check in due Wednesday 11.59pm EST.
- if you don't check in by this time, and you DO end up posting, -2 votes.
Verses due by Friday 11.59pm EST. Yeah, that's eastern. not pacific.
Lateness = -2 votes even IF your opponent allows you to post late.
Max. extension = 24 hours, to be granted by your opponent.

Line limits:
10 min and 20 max. for regular battles. 16 min and no max in champ matches. If no line limit agreed, second battler to post must match first battler. But ultimately, first battler gets to set the line number by how much he posts.


Posted by Intangible
checkin in nukka

Posted by Malicious

Posted by Intangible
Kirk really did insult me this week, shit he couldn't of matched me up with someone wacker
I believe mal is from (the streets) but he couldn't step up 2 me as a movie actor
But im proud of the kid he got some recognition even after his defeat
Lets give him around of applause, he had the VERSE OF THE WEAK!
That fool(LPMNDCTE) who predicted you must be fucking blind
But wait?!, that can explain why he feeling your rhymes
Man you can change your name to Hienz and still couldn't ketch up to In'
Shit this kid couldn't drop lines if he was a fisherman
Suicide, against me! your just inflicting your self with pain
and I bet the only time you get your dick wet is when your pissing in the rain
my rap vision is insane, and you, you just the at the bottom of my feet
Rap consists of thought not the tencendy to cheat*
SHIT i got one minute to drop i should of known bro
that this herb was gna no show oh cheat pwned huahua didnt finish

fack not enough time

*caught for bitting

Posted by Lay.
Malicious -2 votes for lateness, verse due Saturday by Midnight.

Posted by Intangible
fuck the no shows damn atleast attempt i wrote my shit in 5 minutes i attempted to shit on you mal you just was scarrrrrred couldnt find a good rap forum site to bite

Posted by Lay.
Intangible wins by no-show.

Intangible ( 5 ) and Malicious ( 0 ) and booted.