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Posted by Lay.
Ramcees vs ~Babylon~

Due times:
Check in due Wednesday 11.59pm EST.
- if you don't check in by this time, and you DO end up posting, -2 votes.
Verses due by Friday 11.59pm EST. Yeah, that's eastern. not pacific.
Lateness = -2 votes even IF your opponent allows you to post late.
Max. extension = 24 hours, to be granted by your opponent.

Line limits:
10 min and 20 max. for regular battles. 16 min and no max in champ matches. If no line limit agreed, second battler to post must match first battler. But ultimately, first battler gets to set the line number by how much he posts.

Must post THREE links of you voting into your check in, or its minus ONE vote for each missing link. If you want to win, then vote or you will most likely lose.Goodluck.

Posted by Lay.
Verses due by Saturday Midnight.

Posted by Lay.
Double No Show, both booted.