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Posted by Lay.
Week 10 Mag - The World Turns
by: Lay


Well well well, I thought Nicks mag was good but a bit bias..so fuck it. Here's a mag, read it if you want, if not, I don't give a shit really. With only 6 weeks left in the regular season seems like things been heatin up, we even got JTR jus about back into old form an even got him to drop the day the battles were up. Impressive, next time dont' rush your verse J..but good verse either way. Kirk is still the champ, after havin a whole week to see what he had to beat its not a suprise to me that he won. It was close, but kirk can tell whats good, an can tell what he writes if its good, not to mention he could get opinions on punches during the week. Anyway, the level of skill is still overrall below what it really should be..an if you got the talent use it. Don't half ass your verses, put some time in polish it up, instead of being harsh as shit, take some time to give constructive critiscim while your at it. Anyway, I'll get onto the mag - enjoy.

Battle Reviews

HW Champ Match Kirk vs JTR
Number of lines - 24
My prediction - JTR

No offense kirk, but I was goin with JTR on this one..after readin his verse I thought it was pretty funny.. but I think his downfall was you matchin if not out matchin him..an us havin all week to see J's an yours came up later in the week so it seemed fresher, kinda seemed like J's verse lost some sting.

Quit actin up like I need massive luck, Jackís a nut, plus Kirk is ass and sucks
Yo Lay! You really oughtta let the oil prices drop before you gas him up

hmm..this concept is played especially usin it so much this week alone. Jeez, I shouldn had mention that cliche in the mag. J started off weak, but his flirt with death line, pitfall, an his klingon lines were pretty what stood out from him.

onto kirk..you started off kinda weak, I mean it was mildly funny but its so predictable while readin I saw it coming, wasn nothin special..kinda corny. Still okay punch..but not a solid way to start off

And lmao at you crying about a no-show. That just proves you're a sore gay,
I ain't seen a bitch fit that bad since your chick tried to step through a doorway,

there was some controversy over this line, some read it an labled it as whack. This is for you voters, when you read lines don't jus glance read through an actually realize what your readin. An jus cuz its a fat girl line doesn mean its played, theres so many concepts you can put on it to make it a fresh concept. So stfu,..the crying in the set up did its job, but maybe you shoulda had bitch-fit or something maybe thats how its suppose to be grammatically,..anyway it was a good flip.

Just as voters, take your time an try to pick up on wordplay noone should ever have to 'wordplay' quote shit..for you to pick up on it. That gives away the punch..so don't expect that to be around wp. Well, kirks bitchfit line, taco, tae bo, an cracker jack lines hit pretty hard, had me laughin. An in the end Kirk took this. An I'll say noone wants kirk to stay champ, I'm sure they want to see a new face for the title just as much as I do, an with so few voter in the league, I wouldn ever say someone won because of a Fan Club..stupidest shit I ever heard, stop gettin butt sore over shit, he won, he takes his time an puts effort in uses all 5 days usually..an indeed puts in the work an it pays off. People vote honestly, keep it that way.

Contendorship Match LP vs D-Bitchass
Number of Lines - 10
My Prediction - LP

Well, this was a major fag move on D's part. Way to sign up to the league an gay it up in a important match. Suck one dude, seriously..10 fuckin lines? you couldn post 10 lines? your fuckin garbage, dont' bother signin back in. LP posted kinda early too

cuz my synopsis is quick, doesnít take much strength to Cyclops this prick
D will always look deformed, cuz its a grade students hope not to get

That was really the one line I was feelin..his horseshoe line had potential but the wordin kinda let it down. Good job man..goodluck this week against Kirk.

Lay Fear vs YouAndWhatArmy
Number of Lines - 20
My Prediction - Laz

Well, I know Laz's history an he can drop nice..but I think this was kinda a let down of what he is capable of. I expected more..I honestly think he underestimated Lay, rushed his verse an thought he'd take it. He had his verse up shortly after the battles were up..Lay posted that night too. I honestly felt like each verse had its strong points, but it came down to vote for who's style you are familiar with. JTR an Nick an have that same structure an set up to their punches..an I kinda felt like they liked his verse better for it, an Kirks style is kinda familiar with Lay's..thats what it seemed to me. Lol, funny.. kinda like you feel your shit more than other people might? if that makes sense..but anyhow, I felt Laz's Ladle line, worhty opponent line, an his streched concept line were all pretty hard hitting an stood out to me. Some that coulda been better were the Wordz Ahgod one? comparing him to Lay's fan..woulda been so much more affective if set it up to say that to Kirk seein as were friends in real life. Gassin up..damn, played concept, you seem to be able to call alot of shit played..but can't realize when you see it?..or you woulda left that out. The Slytherin wp was forced, I know what it is I got it. I've seen harry potter..never have I said I'd slither in a girl..NEVER..didn't seem effective. An men silther in my girl? so why would Voldemort be my father?..na, maybe an okay concept but executed not so well..coutning opener was played, an the solo life story was predictable an forced.
Lay's verse...hmm.. opener was coo..few lines that followed were straight. The underbelly of society line..kinda didnt' hit hard, poor wording..the army requirement line wasn't that creative..everything was aight, until the struck me as a bitch..that was played..an followed by the Pimp'll wordplay..that was whack. closer was on point. Overrall..through a close battle, I agree with Nick..it was battle of the week..very close, Lay took it by one vote. Good battle guys, should expect better from both of em this week.

Flight vs Lil Wayne
Number of Lines - 12
My Prediction - Flight

Well, this was weaker than it coulda been. Flight seemed to just key a verse, I know for a fact he can drop better than that if he puts effort in. Fact is he's been busy,..that might be the reason. Wayne, had someone else post for him cuz he was away..idk if that had to do with his verse..but..Flight ya opener was aight..coulda set it up by wording it better..Jonn wayne was a decent flip..Dent was okay..not so hard hitting,..

enough with the gangsta drama bitch, you can tell that you're a class whimp
i bet the last time you tried actin' hard, probly got your ass whipped

that..should never be seen in ANY verse..I mean..thats not even a punch..thats like a statement..avoid that. No creativity,..straight up as filler as they come. Weak..try an avoid that from now on. Also..your closer was a weakkkk attempt at wp..Waynes verse on the other hand..his opener was aight..an followed it with a coo punch..then fel off completely..think outside the bun was whack..the W in ya name was whack..definately played. The michael jackson line..wtf..never again..NEVER..use that..if you do a michael concept it better be the most unexpected an dopest flip you can possible think of ..not something blakc an white.

he leads a faggot life, not dope, he's borderline like a hermaphrodite
his skill in black and white? well, more like the michael jackson type

that should never be mentioned again..nuff said. Flight had enough to take this..if Wayne carried the consistency of his first two bars throuhgout his verse he woulda won...but Flight edged this.

LFS vs Ghostface
Number of Lines - 10
My Prediction - LFS

Well, weakest match of the week right here..LFS you dropped like nothing quotable..all weak concepts..you obviously rushed your verse..an it was meh..Ghostface coulda took this if he dropped ONE fuckin punch. But he failed to do so..his verse didn't even have punches..just statements really..nothing harsh.
And a tip..NEVER say this at the end of your verse..don't ever doubt your skill..don't post shit after your verse saying
"keyed it"
"bullshit..I threw together"
none of that wtf..don't ever down your shit, its the voters job to judge.

bullshit i threw together to not get dq'd again. lol sorry the last few weeks have been shit, got a lot of stuff goin down.i'll probably be signin out for about a week, maybe 2.

srry jus finished my comp monitor at my house blew and my shit waz saved on there so i had 2 make a new rap

You both had shit like that at the end of your verse..don't say that.. EVER..an dont' put an excuse at the end of your shit..honestly we dont' give a flying fuck if your dog chewed up your computer..fuck it..try harder put more time in, you got 5 fuckin days..an a extension if needed.

Power Rankings

1. Kirk
He's still the champ, he deserves it. He puts the time in, an it pays off. He tries, an with his funny style its hard to top. He's consistant goodluck if ya face him.

2. JTR
Really stepped it up an proved he's deserving of this number two spot, he's got swagg,..he's hilarious..consistency was his weak spot last week. He's close to bein back in his old form..thats lethal

3. Lay
Coming off a real close battle, he's always dangerous..just has a lil problem with consistency.

4. Laz
Well, I think he made a lasting impression on his skills after this week. Now you know he means buisness. I'm sure he's a lil sore after the loss,..he's harsh, an honest, pick it up, or he'll call you out on your shit..dudes a threat. Watch out for him.

5. Nick
signed out, an now back from the dead..lookin to prove his worth this week gunnin for Laz..they got the similar style..so it'll be interesting to see who uses it better.


Kirk vs LP
Well, as decent as LP has been..I don't really think he has what it takes to knock kirk off his pedestal,..he'll have to really put this one outa his hat.

Lay vs Flight
A rematch between these two. I really dont' think Flight can win unless he puts more effort into his verse than he has been recently. Lay's coming off a close win..an prolly gonna roll through unless flight changes up from whats become his Norm, these past few weeks.

Laz vs King Solo
These are two talented heads, they got a simliar style..this is prolly gonna get Battle of the Week..I'll call it now. Although I dont' agree with this 40 line bullshit..this is gonna be hell to vote on. An the qaulity of the battle goes down with more lines..but hopefully they will put a decent battle. I see Laz taken this.

JTR vs Ghostface
I dont' really think I have to explain this..we got the Number 2 guy, coming off a champ mach facing a guy who's fairly new an near the bottom of the table. JTR will take this unless Ghostface increases his ability dramatically.

Lil Wayne vs LFS
well as whack as LFS has been showing, I see Wayne taken this..with better wording an better punches..LFS doesn even want to be battling right now it seems like..he'll impress me if he pulls this one out. I see wayne taken it though.

Malicious vs Yung Med
Mal has alot of potential an has been gettin better..Yung is weak..an I predict a no show possibly. But if they show, I garuntee Mal has this by a long shot.


Well overrall a nice week with two blazing battles. Lets see if we can match it this week..everyone step the fuck up..I'm tired of seein lazy ass verses, an weak attempts, if shits obvious its 99 percent likely to be played. If you have a concept it doesn make it good..try an put a coo flip on it..use some misdirection..word your shit good. Damn..nearin the playoffs an its becoming apparent who the threats are, an who's not. Vote honestly, don't get butt sore over someone who votes for you. There is no fuckin fan club scandal bullshit..goodluck to everyone an there battles.. pz

Posted by King Solo
My magazine owns yours. And I drop better when I drop more, history has shown that.

p.s. - how are you gonna drop a comment saying my magazine was biased when yours is fucking biased? but really, dropping an extra mag because you didn't like mine, that is weak man. you don't see this kind of gay move in any other league.

Posted by Lay.
lol look in LLL, they had two mags in that. Your mag had some fan club bullshit every other line. They liked havin two opinions an two mags, Only thing I didn't like was your fan club bulshit, aside from that your mag was solid. With the lack of votes, its not even possible to have a fan club. lmao..chill I jus felt like doin a mag myself, don't get butt sore over it, I didn't say yours wasn't good.

Posted by Kirk
Originally Posted by King Solo
My magazine owns yours. And I drop better when I drop more, history has shown that.

p.s. - how are you gonna drop a comment saying my magazine was biased when yours is fucking biased? but really, dropping an extra mag because you didn't like mine, that is weak man. you don't see this kind of gay move in any other league.

I haven't really seen any kind of gay move in any other league where a member has said there was some kind of voting scandal going on and that two of the better battlers in the league only win because of them.

Both mag's are bias. But who really gives a fuck?

Posted by Lay.
how was my mag bias? I didn't down anybody, I just called it all around..an said that the fan club shit was false..,

Posted by LPMNDCTE
Originally Posted by Kirk
I haven't really seen any kind of gay move in any other league where a member has said there was some kind of voting scandal going on and that two of the better battlers in the league only win because of them.

Both mag's are bias. But who really gives a fuck?

yeah man... for the most part I believe your wins are legit..

I just thought it would be funny to make a punch out of it... :laugh:

Posted by LPMNDCTE
by the way.. good mag Lay...

its even better having two mags because we can see two different view points on how the league is going

Posted by Malicious

Posted by Lay.
yeah thats what I thought.. lol nick took it as a insult or something idk why?.. lmao, LP you might want to edit in more lines..you only went 10, its minimum 16 for champ matches..jus so ya know, you can edit ya verse as long as kirk hasn't posted his yet.

Posted by LPMNDCTE
I dont see any place to edit...

Posted by Lay.
Okay I'll edit them out an PM ya verse to you ..jus add 6 lines an post when your ready.

Posted by Malicious
LMAO @ my opponents verse

Posted by Lay.
yeah..idk waht the fuck lil waynes vote was..but I voted, I'm sure everyone else will vote the same lmao. Med didnt' even match your lines..so you win anyway.

Posted by Malicious
word s'all good doe

Posted by Lay.
ha..i figured if Laz lost he would sign out.that sucks. He' was pretty good,..an its odd they call a fan club shit scandal? or somethin...when RBL is known for their dickriders..Oneduh could beat someone easily with his name alone. lmao.

Posted by JTR
fuck oneduh lol...

Posted by King Solo
Well, let me see.. I went through the battles, but before I say anything let me make it abundantly clear that the only votes I respect on here are my own, Lay Fearís, Kirkís, Adamís and JTRís.

I donít give a fuck if anyone gets butt hurt because of that.

But, so LFS has NEVER voted against Kirk. Flight as far as I could tell, has NEVER voted against Kirk. Lil Wayne pitched in a couple of times, he NEVER voted against Kirk, (typical chain voter if you look at his votes).

The only time Wordz ever dropped a serious vote was in Layís battle against ME. If any of you battled consistently in LBL or knew our history, you would know Wordz rode me for months until I clowned on him a couple of times, owned him in cyphers and destroyed him in a 40 line battle. Ever since then he has pretty much voted against me at every turn.
Intangible, before he got banned for biting NEVER voted against Lay Fear or Kirk. He only dropped a few votes, but never against those two. The same with Ghostface so farÖ feel free to vote against them now to prove a point that you are not a complete ass bag. I donít need to go into the details of your last two votes to expose your fagness.

You can continue to say that your league is not corrupted by the voting system, but the evidence does not lie. Once again, the dudes who I respect the talent and votes of, they know who they are.

But, with the way RapVerse is with voters, this league is going to be corrupted until you get some sort of voting council in the works.

Posted by Kirk
Well, bro. I see what you're sayin' but I'm not gonna argue about it anything. We both have our own opinion on it and it's better if it's just left as that. But I respect votes from you, Lay, JTR, Adam, and Flight. If you count me, that's a voting council.

Posted by King Solo
^ So get like 6-7 dudes who will be willing to vote weekly and try running a voting council and see how it goes.

Posted by Brydon
I'm not against the idea what so ever- but surely the ones who will vote each week for sure are peps like urself,kirk,jtr e.t.c.Which then will get more shit coz peps will say that your dick rideing.
Even tho your not because i trust that you all will give honest votes, but the haterz/idiots cant see that your actually voting on talent rather then your in the same group/friends e.t.c.
I'd vote weekly if it helps but up 2 you guys anywayz.


Posted by Kirk
I'd like to do it this week. But we'll prolly end up starting it next week, if we do.

It's Lay's league.

Posted by Lay.
How about instead of a voting council..I make a thread in the office,..an it will have a list of approved voters..wether it be in the league or out of it. People that'll automatically go on it..JTR Adam Kirk Me Nick Meltdown Flight. Thats 7, so if 2 people from that are in the same battle,..thats at the least 5 votes, an if you want to become a approved voter you have to copy a verse an judge it..an we'll approve you by how you grade verses..wether you say somethin played is DOHPE! +1..or whether you say somethin dope is average etc..

hows that sound?

Posted by Lay.
Only thing I see flawed as fuck to this plan, is your considering basing the voting in the league off 7 or 8 guys,.. Adam who I haven even seen post in chat..your countin on him to show up an vote on each battle each week? Your telling me JTR is gonna vote one every battle each week? Nick might, cuz he seems to like voting,.. I dont' really mind it I guess. I would vote on them all if I had too. I think Kirk the same, as far as invision? Uh I don't see him even talk in vtl chat, so your assuming he would come in an vote on each battle each week. An same thing for Flight, he's been to busy to even put time into his verses let alone drop a few votes, an your saying he will vote on each battle each week. This seems very flawed.

Posted by King Solo
Yes, it would be difficult to establish a voting council. But, if you could manage to garner at least 7 consistent people then it would work.

That is the only problem I have with this league, half the votes are shit. That and you seriously need to start bullying some guys into signing up.

Posted by King Solo
I've dropped my verse, check it bastards.