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Posted by Lay.
Week 11 Mag - Round One..

"whom amongst the twelve,.. will weather the storm.."


whats up, its Lay. Seems to me like this week people have started half assing verses, I can't really talk cuz I'm one of em. I feel like we've been lacking the motivation to put effort an time into are verses. An maybe some of us were starting to get bored with the season, so therefore I ended the regular season an started playoffs to bring some life back into some of you. There's twelve battlers in the playoffs, some strong points an a few weak points. But this'll definately be an interesting playoffs to say the least. Grats to Kirk on holding the HW Champ Belt all season, it was no easy feat. He knocked off me, Flight, JTR, LP, Adam.. they were all good matches. So, with his impressive run this season going undefeated, I'd like to congratulate him on being the VTL Undisputed Champion of Season 1, an amongst all the hectic matches he was a solid mod with me, thanks nigga. We'll be voting on other seasonal awards probably around the end of the playoffs, which will include best playoff battler, most underrated member, most overrated member, most consistant, best rookie, .. etc. Well, the VTL Season One Champion Title is up for grabs, an thats alot sweeter than a HW Title, so everyone should be hungry an out to earn their stripes. With that said, I'd like to move on to the rest of the mag.

Lay's Battle Reviews

HW Champ Match Kirk vs LP
Well, this was two of the weaker verses I've seen from both of em. This was easily Kirks worse verse of the season. So now you know what I was referring to when I said lack of motivation. Kirk came out swingin an missing right off the bat,.. his only decent lines, were his closer, and his "L" lines are played concept. LP did the same,..an his stand out line was prolly his closing back stroke, michael phelps line. This was the most incosistant battle I've seen from em both, but Kirk put out just enough to maintain his title. Kirk Won 3 - 0.

Contendors Lay vs Flight
Flight posted first,.. his stand out line was easily his Kirk on top punch.. that shit eve made me laugh. But kinda made me feel gay, so no homo. But despite that his verse was pretty incosistant. Lay followed it up with an incosistant verse of his own. They both didnt' put much effort into their verse, an it showed. Lay's closer was aight, but he lacked the humor that Flight gathered with his punch. Flight wins 2 - 1.

JTR vs Ghostface
Well this was pretty one sided, J's opener was aight considering Ghost's verse. Then his GF line was an okay flip, an wu tang washed up line sealed the deal easily. Ghost didn't really have anything worth mentioning. This was like david vs goliath..without some unrealistic outcome. J won 6 - 0.

King Solo vs YouAndWhatArmy
Well, this was easily Botw.. they went a fuck ton of lines for a regular match. But King came pretty consistant, he had alot of funny shit an thats whats to be expected from him. Laz came pretty aight too..but fell off an that was a let down on his part. King came in more prepared, more experienced an wanting the win more an took this hands down. Good battle guys. Nick wins 3 - 0.

Malicious vs Yung Med
This was one of the weakest battles this week, not on Mal's part. It came down to Yung droppin like four streched ass bars that weren even good. Mal's olympic china line won this for him alone, this was like a fuckin cement vs a penny on a weight scale comparison. I felt bad reading it. Yung didnt' even match the line limit..an this is his words
Originally Posted by Yung Faggot
not tired of rap......i'm tired of this weal ass site...and ya'll weak ass nigga.....who dont know shit about this artform.....wh o dont appreciate style....i'm sick of everybody sounding the same and saying the same shit in thwere verses.....thw weakest niggaz win because half the site are friends............this shit is why this site is dead.........and so are you............bye

woah,..ya prolly shouldn catch feelings dude. Even if people do KNOW eachother on the site. It doesn influence votes, an it certainly wouldn influence this. Seriously?.. your acting like we had to dr Mal to get him to win. He's from RB,.. I'm the only one that knows him..lmao, if the weakest niggas won cuz of who they knew then why do you consistantly lose. I'd say..its about time for you to be hittin that dusty ol trail. Pretty sure you've attained the title, VTL Season 1 Worst Battler, grats bro.

LFS vs Lil Wayne
Both were busy having butt sex with eachother, an failed to post, double no show. Nice job on both your parts. G'luck with anal.

Lay's Playoff Predictions

1. Kirk vs 10. Meltdown

Well, I don't know this meltdown character. But looking at his votes he DOES know whats good an what isn't. But that doesn mean he's a good battler. I think it will take alot for him to knock Kirk off. Kirk has not lost all season, an despite a lack of effort last week I see him wanting that Season Champ Title an goin all out to prove he's in it to win it. Goodluck to you both,

My Prediction - Kirk wins

2. Lay Fear vs 9. Eddie

I'll speak for myself, I know what I can do when I try. Last week, I didn't try that much..playoffs are different. If you beat me in here, then you prolly came dope. I'm gonna come into the playoffs gunnin. Idk who this Eddie guy is, or if he's good or what. But he'll have to come in wanting to win this more than I do. Goodluck to you.

My Prediction - Lay wins

3. JTR vs 8. Sagat

Again I don't know who Sagat is. But I do know JTR, he knows what the people like to see. He is nothing to be taken lightly, we have seen what he can do when he tries. This will be an interesting matchup, cuz I'm eager to see what Sagat brings to the table.

My Prediction - JTR wins

4. Flight vs 7. Ghostface

Flights coming off a win, an I'm sure he'll put more effort in being this is THE playoffs. Ghostface hasn impressed anyone yet, an he will need alot of improvement from last week until this week to even stand a chance.

My Prediction - Flight wins

5. LP vs 6. King Solo

Don't get me wrong, both these guys can come heavily armed. But Nicks' been brushin up these past two weeks, he's dropped an impressive 30 or so last week. An now I see him steppin up to the plate in the playoffs. LP's gonna have to do alot better than he did in the champ match last week to win here. Goodluck to you guys.

My Prediction - Nick wins

11. Malicious vs 12. Wordz Ahgod

I'm not sure if Wordz'll show. So I almost automatically want to predict Mal, but mal needs to take his time to work on wording his concepts.. if he does that he'll have a good shot at winning even if wordz does show. But however, wordz has been coming okay, but seems to not try an avoid using played shit. This will be close if wordz shows.

My Prediction - Malicious wins

Lay's Top Punches
Again, this is what you guys thought stood out.

If I were you I wouldn't act tough, otherwise i'll smack your lip
SOOO hard, it'll send Ghost flying through a wall on some Casper shit
JTR vs Ghost

HA! You still think youíre gonna beat me? Fuck you.. Iím dope, you suck
Iíd wear you out, but strobe would have to change my status to Ďbroke as fuckí
Your punches are trash.. I donít fear you fag.. your fucking rep is sad
They say youíll beat me, youandwhatarmy.. Iím the only friend youíve ever had
Youíre ass is fenced in wackness..and whatever plan you cooking, Iím foiling
Known to diss guys, yeah.. coz you been posing here as decent since joining
Nick vs Laz

and kirk likes the funny shit, so you may be in with a vote
coz I got one or two comedy lines, whilst ur entire verse is a joke
Laz vs Nick

don't deny you're tight with the champ, and as mod, i no longer wonder chief
see the one reason Kirk's stays on top... because Lay prefers it underneath
Flight vs Lay

I'm glossin ma belts..you'll get walked over cuz now I'll be tossing some welts
walk a day in my shoes..then h'ed have to figure out how to stomp on himself.
Lay vs Flight

I'm not droppin' any "passin' L" punches but still the voters backlash,
Like "L lines are played...... How'd he even get into the fuckin' champ match?"
I don't even need to try. Though I need to be careful when rushin' this fire,
Cause if I clothes crappy. I'll get dqed for biting your whole fuckin' attire.
Kirk vs LP

your going down quick..so there's no where to hide, bitch
careers taking such a back stroke Micheal Phelps revive it
LP vs Kirk

You should really die kid, and this whole site wishes u would
So Il ring n shut ur eye better than the olympics in China could
Mal vs Yung

Verse of the Week

So look...
Your punches are trash.. I donít fear you fag.. your fucking rep is sad
They say youíll beat me, youandwhatarmy.. Iím the only friend youíve ever had
Talk like I gassed YOU up here, I canít believe you flipped that concept queer
But MY egoís still like a ballon, and YOUíVE been trying to blow me for years
Styleís boomed with wackness.. the shit really donít scare my ass geek
Fear ainít the answer anyway, unless the questions who beat your ass last week
Trying to diss in other chats, why do you stay disrespecting on these threads
And how the fuck you gone beat me..
..you even admitted your punches go over everybodyís heads.
^ Yeah, you know that shit talk.. but your stockpile was never even fading gay
& you can hate on the voters all day, you werenít getting a fucking vote anyway
Also, whatís with your girlís lying ass, acting like the truth wonít be spilled
Say she ainít been plugged, then she got turned on after every hole was filled
Have a name change and stop the shit talk, only King Solo is abusing the floss
Stick with the theme to.. coz after this thereíll be no space between YouAndTheLoss
Forced wordplay, clumsy wording.. no wonder you get put to the floor fast
& Iíll put enough chips in your shit, the cookie monsteríll faceplant in your ass

Originally Posted by Lay Fear (talking about Laz and King Solo)
These are two talented heads, they got a simliar style..

The props are appreciated, but I know Layís really feeling the way I work it b
And his comment only proves that you canít mimic my swag 100% perfectly
I fathered your whole fucking style, but I wonít drop a son flip on you biff
Only family ties here are you to your mother to the boulder Iím throwing off a cliff
Iím raping this fagís whole verse.. the world knows that Iím ripping him drastic
Votersíll be left with some assaults to observe like I was flipping gymnastics
Itís a fact and I know you see.. Iím just better.. my style is cool and groovy
You been riding the jock so long..
..I thought you was a cheerleader in a high school movie
Youíre ass is fenced in wackness..and whatever plan you cooking, Iím foiling
Known to diss guys, yeah.. coz you been posing here as decent since joining
HA! You still think youíre gonna beat me? Fuck you.. Iím dope, you suck
Iíd wear you out, but strobe would have to change my status to Ďbroke as fuckí
So look jew.. steal my flow, my style, my concepts.. try and get a better rep
But know that talent-wise Iím like double You.. like the one youíll never get
You boast real quick.. but Iím levels ahead of you, kid you know where the bench is
Army is only fitting for this.. coz your skills have never risen out of the trenches
Call me a cocky fuck in your verse.. I donít give a shit.. Iíve owned many rings
& youíd have an enormous ego to if you had ACTUALLY accomplished anything
And you ainít a baller neither bro.. your game wreaks of gay desperation
Shit, when you ainít taking it to the hole, youíre looking for that 3pt penetration
Please talk how all I do is stay on RV.. but you need to recognise son
Your entire life will be RV..
..coz when I kick you out my house your assíll be back living in one
Even my garbage punches could smoke you, drop you, sever you like a knife
Coz I got a diss I pull from the ass that has made you a zealous advocate for life


This was a okay week, but like I said kinda fell off. Playoffs are here, hopefully the hypes around. You can cut the tension with a knife..who's gonna champ it? will kirk stay undefeated?..The battles look like it'll be a dope first week, everyone show up. And I apologize to Flight, for cutting him off..he didn win Contendors..then he kinda didn't get a HW title shot, hope he doesn mind startin playoffs or I'll feel like a faggot. Anyway, goodluck to everyone, drop your best.

by: Lay

Posted by Kirk
Nice mag., mother fucker.

Posted by Malicious
Pretty cool mag

Posted by Lay.
thanks niggas..

Posted by Eddie..
Funny mag.


Posted by Lay.
If facts are amusing, then it was fuckin hilarious.

Posted by King Solo
I had more top punches than anyone. I had the best verse of the week. I was in the battle of the week. I fucking dominated last week, and then Lay starts playoffs when I was just about ready to go and knock off Kirk. You bastard, DAMN YOU!!

Nice mag though. And Eddie is decent, trust me.

Posted by Lay.
You can knock him off in the playoffs, that would hurt alot more than losin a hw title after havin it all season imo.

Posted by King Solo
Yeah, except I tend to be the reverse of most people and try in the league.. but then don't try in the playoffs.

Posted by Lay.
lol your opener vs LP was fuckin dope i thought..that was sick for bein drunk..I didn't see it coming at all..an when you flipped it I was like damnn.

Posted by King Solo
lmao. kirk sent me a pm telling me how dope it was.

but word, writing drunk can sometimes work for you.. sometimes work against you.

Posted by Brydon
Originally Posted by LL Cool K
lmao. kirk sent me a pm telling me how dope it was.

but word, writing drunk can sometimes work for you.. sometimes work against you.

Very true.............................................. .....

Posted by Lay.
well that was the nicest line I've seen from you..maybe you should write a verse drunk..not post it, when your sober go over it an keep the sick shit, what a pimp method. lol

Posted by King Solo
^ maybe so.. I know that JTR writes some of the meanest shit when he isn't 100% coherent. you should probably try it to, see how it goes. lol.

Posted by Lay.
haha, I'll have to give it a shot..kirk remember when I was drunk as fuck at chris's an I was almost like passed out an I started freestylin an whorin josh an shit..not JTR,..my friend josh who is a mexican lmao..

Posted by Lay.
who is Sagat, I just peeped his verse. It was pretty solid, I wasn' expectin that.. lol, I was feelin his lines except for his mayhem an sharpshoooter line, thought they were a bit forced.. nick you know him?

Posted by Lay.
everyone should check out the Record books in the front office, check to see if there is any other Records that can be added,..awards are in there, they will be voted on after playoffs,..I'll prolly throw in like best Playoff Battler etc., but you can Nom classic battles from Season 1, any battles that you thought were close, an both people came nice thats worth reading, nom it in there..an you can nom punches you thought were dope,..not just good, dope.

Posted by Lay.
orrr noone pay any attention to it, or that post.

Posted by Savior Self.
Cool mag... Ęant wait till next season so I Ęan Ęhamp it lol

Posted by Lay.
yeah it'd be nice to see a champ besides kirk, so if you can do it go for it bro. hopefully get some more competition in here next season,..that'd be dope

Posted by Lay.
sign up's are in the front office for season 2 btw.

Posted by Malak.
lay you faggot, you asked me to sign up..I said I would later, so you let scott make a name on here as me..if my comp didn't get fried I woulda changed my shit anyway..he is fuckin garbage..I thought you said you were showin him the ropes?.. I'll pretend were not related.

Posted by Lay.
well,..oh well dude. Noone cares, I did 'try' to teach him..but he has the iq of like a monkey..I showed him site's that could help him..an told him about wording an shit..an flippin punches, an told him its good to rhyme with multi's..an he still posted shit rhyming like dike girl..cock whirl..nub rhymin like that..if he was my brother he'd be good. there's no hope for that bitch

Posted by Malak.
lol i suppose, Im guessin you let anyone into the playoffs..after you said taht I just looked up his battle..OMFGLMAO,..this woulda been like a free win for flight if you didn't tell me I was in playoffs..shoulda just told me earlier that you'd get scott on here if I didn't..that is like some form of blackmail, haha..did you claim him as your cousin?..I wouldn claim that nigga as my brother..friend..or even a stranger I've seen from time to time.

Posted by Lay.
lol I told kirk he was my cousin,..I didn't really feel the need to make a connection to everyone.. after I realized he sucked I was like fuck it, idk him