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the baby weights still comin off

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-- the baby weights still comin off
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Posted by J.Roy
yeah, been eating right and working out.

still got a long way to go*edit

Posted by Brydon
Dude you look like your ona come down..................lol

Posted by Also Known.
Keep at it. Good luck. Hit the weights tightin up your chest and abs.

Posted by J.Roy
^^been doing that and cardio. It's crazy.

Posted by
This morning on TBM's forecast we have a cloudy forehead followed by drowsy lips to go along with our weary posture.

Eyes: South South West.

Posted by Cola
lol.....i guess if 'baby weight' still comes off 19 years later

Posted by Also Known.
Or you guys could be cool and say something positive? Last I checked he wasn't on the list of douchebags. Keep at it.

I know I can be a dick but only where its fit..... haha no pun intended.

Posted by
oh yeah I said South South West meant South Southwest and I said west because if you weren't bouncing off of a mirror and you were in front of me then you would be looking left, not right.

Just 4 explanation. Are you gonna do a before and after commercial homie

Posted by Adam
Well, that's a terrible picture.

Posted by J.Roy
^^yes, yes it is lol

I was extremely tired. I just got home from the gym.

Posted by
It's a good thing homie, but remember, don't get to buffed out. You need to keep a little bit of fat on you, a pleasantness that the common American can attribute to when you're doing business, you know?

You don't want to come off like a meat head, granted, some Americans aren't as shallow as to judge you immediately by looks and apply to profession, a good chunk will at least have it cross their mind.

Whatever you do, don't become far from what you are just because of a change in looks, you feel?


Posted by J Summers
ladykilller i'm sure................

Posted by Adam
If by ladykiller you're talking literally, yes, I'm sure too.

Posted by J.Roy
^^yeah, I gotta few in the trunk lol

Posted by hottest model
Thats nice dued

Posted by WhoAmI
cheer up lol

s'all good though keep at the weights n shit

Posted by hottest model
Thats nice I add you on